The Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book
Production A3 Jungle Book
Performance Time
Performance Dates December 2017
Venue New Atheneum Theatre
Creative Team
Designer Robin Peoples
Lighting Designer Stephen Keenan
Sound Designer Jack McWeeny
Production Team
Production Manager Stephen Roe
Stage Manager Laurie Sutton
DSM Kirstie Connel
ASM Cameron Kerr
Andrew Swarbrigg
Jak Coventry
TSM Yesha Subotincic West
DTSM Regan Kelly
Head of Flys James Hamilton
Sound 1 Steven Selby
PLX Amy Dawson
LX Crew Ross Brodie
Craig Stevenson
Andrew Johnston
LX Programmer Calum Dunbar


In the year in which Disney's first cartoon celebrates its 50th anniversary, we are delighted to present Stuart Paterson's acclaimed stage adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's original Jungle Book stories. The story of Mowgli, the baby stolen by a tiger and raised by wolves, is thrilling and heart-warming all at once. As Mowgli finally defeats the fearsome tiger, with help from his animal friends, he must come to terms with what life holds for him next, in the jungle or the village.

Thur 14 Dec / 12.30pm - Relaxed Performance.

Fri 15 Dec / 7pm - Signed in BSL by Iain Hodgetts and Janice Murdoch.

Stage Management

Fake Fruit (Bananas) - Jak Coventry

Make the Inside Bean Bags:

1. Draw and cut out the template for the bags. One large “leaf shape” front and two side flaps.

2. Overlock the side flaps to the large front and turn inside-out. Do not overlock the opening yet!

3. Fill the bag with beans and some wadding, pin it closed and use wither the overlocker or the sewing machine to stitch it closed.

JBFruit4.JPG JBFruit5.JPG

Make the Outside Cover:

1. Draw and cut out the template for the covers, these are the same as the templates used for the inside bean bags but are 1cm larger at each edge. The outside covers are made from fleece material, obviously yellow!

2. Using the sewing machine, and yellow thread, sew the side flaps to the large front part.

3. Wrap the inside bean bags in some wadding and stuff into the fleece covers.

4. Pin and machine the fleece material closed.

5. Cut off any of the remaining threads.

The designer asked that these fruits were to look bruised and a bit older so they were sprayed with a black paint solution to show bruising, and painted at the tops and bottoms to make the bananas look realistic.

Left Center Right

The other pieces of fruits used the same system in that they had an inner bean bag to ensure the beans didn’t spill out if the material burst at any moment.

Some of these fruits will be added the props store in the fake fruit section.

Technical Stage Management

The Team

First Year Stage Crew

Joshua Brown, Greig Buckley, Neal Clark, Lewis Douglas, Rhys Gaughan, Peter Goddard, Meirian Hall-Jones

Ground plan

Scan of hand drawn plan by Robin Peoples.

VWX Traced ground plan w/ TSM items.

Fit Up

Performer Flying

An entire page dedicated to the Performer Flying is made. All information regarding the technical side of the trick can be found there.



DIY Turnbuckle for levelling and flying the fences

Forestage Curve Installation

Genie Trap Installation

Running Lists


The Team

Lighting Designer - Stephen Keenan

Production Electrician - Amy Dawson

LX Programmer - Calum Dunbar

Lighting Crew - Craig Stevenson, Ross Brodie, Andrew Johnston

Moving boom

File:Boom notes paperwork .docx

Lighting Plans

A Stephen Keenan design.


The Team

Sound Designer : Jack McWeeny

Sound.1 : Steven Selby

Sound.2 : Neal Clark , Callum Farrell

Qlab Operator : Ronan O'Neill


Some Jungle Book Composition









Flickr page here