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The Cage is the secure storage space, located in the far corner of Scene Dock, that houses the bulk of the rigging hardware, stage hardware, ironmongery and tools of the Technical Stage Department. For full stock lists, please visit the Rigging Hardware and Stage Hardware pages.

Cage Layout

Cage Layout

Hardware Trolley

The Hardware Trolley contains most of our nuts, bolts and washers as well as hinges and other pieces of ironmongery.

Hardware Trolley


The storage space for our rigging slings.


Triple E Accessories

These bins contain all of our Triple E Hardware.

Triple E Accessories


The Cupboard contains a variety of things including:

Harnesses & Rope access gear

Load Cells

Load Arrestors

Fall Arrestors

Climbing Line

Triple E Control Line

Large tools such as Sledgehammers or Snow Shovels

Personnel flying "Coathangers"

Hardware Boxes

This Cage Storage 2018 unit was built by a former student. It contains rigging hardware, truss clamps and a variety of other pieces of equipment

Hardware Boxes

Wire Rope Drifts

Storage space for Wire rope drifts arranged by length.

Wire Rope Drifts


There is a small work station in the cage. This has a rotary tool and light. This area is not for storage of anything other than the boxes already present. It must be kept clear at all times.

Under the workbench are boxes containing shackles, a variety of rigging accessories and other hardware.

Under the Bench

Small Parts Bin

The Small Parts Bin is exactly what it sounds like. A bin for small parts. Containing some M4, 5 & 6 bits, curtain track bits, Split pins, Split Rings, Small Nails... the list goes on.

Small Parts Bin

Roller Cupboard

The Roller Cupboard is for stock items to replace those already in circulation. There are also a few specialist tools kept in there. There is no student access to this cupboard, but items can be requested from a Stage Technology staff member. Items held in the Roller Cupboard are:

Jigsaw Blades

Grinding Accessories

Festool Blades

Drill bits


Staples & Nails

Sand Paper & Sanding Pads

Bar Tape


Hacksaw & Pullsaw Blades

Black Nylon Cord 1mm, 2mm

White Nylon Cord 1mm, 2mm

Black Matt Polyester Cord 4mm

Black Braided Matt Polyester 6mm

PVA Glue

Tag Gun Barbs

Roller Cupboard

Random Accessories Trolley

This trolley contains everything else that didn't already have a home. Currently it has:

T70 Track Bobbins

Gerriets Track Bobbins

UNIRAIL Clips & S Hooks

Gerriets & Unistrut Bits

Various Castors

Various Brakes & Bolts

Cloth Ties - White

Cloth Ties - Black

Hardware Bags

RAT Random Accessories Trolley