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In November 2019 RCS purchased 4 Sixty82 Model M Self Climbing Truss Towers.


Total Stock

M29S Box Truss 3m x 16

M29S Box Truss 2m x 8

M29S Box Truss 1m x 4

M29S Box True 0.5m x 4

M29S Box Truss Safety System 1m x 4

M29S Box Truss Safety System Pin x 4

M10 Sleeve Block (470x398mm) x 4

M9 Head Section x 4

M04 Aluminium Base x 4

Motor Attachment Bracket x 4

M11 Short Outrigger x 16

Modular Hinge Set x 16

M51 Female Coupler x 32

Conical Coupler (EGG) 120

M03 M Series Spigot x 268

M05 M Series R-Spring x 268

12mm Black Packer x 16

Tower Components

5.5m of M29S Box Truss (3m, 1m, 1m Safety Section & 0.5m) (34.65kg- 6.3kg/m)

1x Sleeve Block (25.2kg)

1x Head Section (7.3kg)

1x Base (12.9kg)

1x Motor Attachment Bracket (4.93kg)

4x Short Outriggers (3.1kg each)

4x Modular Hinge Set (2.15kg each)

8x Female Couplers (0.280kg each)

12x Conical Coupler (EGG) (0.148kg each)

28x M Series Spigot (0.042kg each)

28x M Series R-Spring (0.003kg each)

Each tower- 111.27kg

Please note, no long outriggers or stabiliser bars were purchased.


Other Equipment Required

4x Chain Motors

1x Motor Control Cabinet

1x Motor Controller

1x 32amp Cable

4x Motor Power & Control Looms

A distro may also be required depending on the venue.

16x 12mm black packer- used to protect the floor surfaces

4x 3.25t Shackle- used to attach the chain hook to the sleeve block

4x 3.25t Shackle- used to attach the bottom of the chain motor to the motor attachment bracket

4x 2m Soft Steel- Used to safety the towers (results in a trim height of 5m)

4x 3.25t Shackle- Used to attach the soft steel to the outside of the sleeve block

4x 2t Shackle- Used to attach the soft steel to the sleeve block- a 2t shackle is used as the attachment point can only fit the pin of a 2t shackle and not a 3.25t shackle.

MPT Structure Assembly

1)Build tower spans (5m of truss & head section) and set aside

2)Build grid spans

3)Attach grid spans to sleeve blocks using hinges. Ensure pins are always facing into the truss and not sticking out!

4)Lift tower spans into place and to base section

5)Set up motors and run power/ control

6)Upright towers and pull chain up and over sheave

7)Level out bases and check grid is level

8)Raise grid

9)Check level

10)Secondary safety can then be attached. There are two methods for this. First is raising the truss structure up so that the Safety Pin can be slotted into the 1m Safety Section, then lowering the truss to that it lands on the pin.

Secondly, or if you wish to de-rig the motors, a sling or clutch chain can be added over the tower header to add a secondary.

How to attach a secondary safety sling

MPT safety.png

Left Safety point.png


To keep the base, sleeve block, and header section tidy they can all be connected together using the 0.5m section of truss and the hinge sets. The short outriggers can also be stored in middle.

MPT storage.jpg

Information Documents

Sixty82 Brochure Download

CPP3 Temporary Venue Project

The self climbing towers had their first outing on CPP3. As the BSL performance was taking place in the Chandler, CPP3 had to be moved to another venue. The decision was made to host the shows in RS2.

More info can be found on this project here- CPP3 Collaborations 2019

RS2 Venue 5.jpg