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Video Equipment

Most video equipment is bookable through the AV stores. This equipment is intended for short loans for classes, longer term loans for production periods need to be discussed separately with your production manager. We do own some video equipment specifically for production. The below is a list of the equipment purchased, we are currently reviewing how this can be booked. Until then, please get in touch with your lecturer or tutor to discuss your needs and the availability of the equipment.

Production Video equipment

1 x disguise solo video server with integrated HDMI capture card with screen, mouse and keyboard

1 x Alienware gaming laptop with disguise designer software installed

2 x portable 1TB SSD drives (one to work with, one as cloned backup)

2 x 5TB archive drives (one to use as resource, one as cloned backup)

1 x Focusrite 18i20 external sound card

1 x Atomos HDMI capture card

1 x Y&H SDI capture card

Cables, Adapters, Extenders

2 x active DP -> DVI adapter

2 x DP -> VGA adapter

2 x DP -> HDMI adapter

1 x SDI <-> HDMI adapter (bi-directional)

3 x DP -> DP cable (1.8m)

2 x DP -> HDMI cable (1.8m)

2 x Kramer HDMI -> CAT6a extenders

2 x reels of AOC HDMI cable (100m each)

various lengths and types of CAT cable