Twelfth Night 2018

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Twelfth Night
Production Information
Performance Dates
Friday 2nd - Wednesday 7th February 2018
Chandler Studio Theatre
Creative Team
Andrew MacGregor
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Fight Director
Raymond Short
Production Team
Production Manager
Fran Craig
Production Electrician
Deputy Production Electrician
Lighting Programmer and Operator
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Managers
Rehearsal Assistant Stage Managers
Technical Stage Manager
Sound Operator


Stage Management

The designer had requested a large mirror ball hang centre stage in the rig, that - when it was not in use - should be flown up and disguised, so it would be a surprise to the audience. In order to achieve this, we considered how best to go about covering the fixture. A cloth draped over the ball which was just pulled away would mean that re-covering it - upon it flying out - would look messy, and were we to use a hoop with tat surrounding it, it would hang too low and pose a large obstruction to the rest of the LX rig. With this in mind, I set about constructing a box with a load supporting top bar, from which the pulley for the ball could be fitted.

This would have half couplers attached to its sides which, when attached to the catwalk-to-catwalk scaff bars in the venue, would mean the top point of the box would sit as high as the venue’s ceiling - this being the easiest way of getting a point that high. Once the box was constructed and skinned with tat, the ball was fitted inside, the motor attached to line, and diverted off to the SR gantry for control. With a couple of tweaks it worked perfectly, and allowed the mirror ball to be completely hidden when not in use - and still fly in and rotate when required to do so.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 17.46.34.png

Technical Stage Management

The Ground Plan

Floating ladder

There was a "floating"ladder centre stage hung from catwalk 3

This was hung by 2x500 mm strops 2x 2000mm drifts 4x 1 ton shackles 4 x 200mm climbing strops bridled to the ladders as the ladder was used for a hanging point for 2 birdies

Petal drop

4 operators dropped petals from the 3 catwalks to cover the stage area this was requested by the director 2KG of petals were dropped over 12 shows

Climbable ladders

3 seats of ladders were climbed on by the cast theses were secured to the floor, suspended from above and secured to the wall They were secured to the floor by putting 2 support batons on either side of the ladders then the baton was drilled to the floor 2 cross bars were installed above to hold the tension lines which were made up of 8x 500 strops 12x 1 ton shackles 4 x 1000mm drifts 4x bottle screws. 4x 500mm strops were chocked above each point onto the cross bars then attached to a bottle screw with a 1 ton shackle attached top and bottom attached at the bottom of the bottle crew was a 1000mm drift ,1 ton and a 500mm strop chocked round the rung of the ladder. This was used for the DSR & USR ladders. All the ladders were secured to the wall by different measures of builders band which was secured to the wooden baton that runs round the chandler down stage right ladder (DSR) size ladder 3500mm up stage left ladder (USL)size 3000mm Up stage right ladder size (USR) 2750mm




The same configuration was used from Julius Caesar due to the tight turn around between shows. x6 Tannoy V12's, left and right for each seating bank with the x2 T40r on the centre catwalk. A control package was hired from KF Sound & Lighting to ease the turnaround time. We hired a Behringer x32 full-size w/ S16 Stagebox and 50m Cat 5 cable drum. This allowed us to place the S16 in the control room, patch the band and eight outputs in and run only 1 length of Cat 5 to the desk in the stalls.


I/1 - Shure 55SH (vox)

I/2 - Shure Beta 87a (wireless vox)

I/3 - Beta 57 (Piano L)

I/4 - Beta 57 (Piano R)

I/5 - DI (Guitar)

I/6 - Wireless Guitar

I/7 - SE300

I/8 - SE300

I/9 - SE300

I/10 - SE300

I/12 - UR1M

I/17 - Qlab Audience 1 L

I/18 - Qlab Audience 1 R

I/19 - Qlab Audience 2 L

I/20 - Qlab Audience 2 R

I/21 - Qlab Audience 3 L

I/22 - Qlab Audience 3 R

I/23 - Qlab Sub

I/24 - Qlab Sub

I/25 - Qlab US FX

I/26 - Qlab CW FX


O/1 - Audience 1 L

O/2 - Audience 1 R

O/3 - Audience 2 L

O/4 - Audience 2 R

O/5 - Audience 3 L

O/6 - Audience 3 R

O/7 - Sub

O/8 - Sub

O/9 - US FX

O/10 - CW FX

Monitor L - Fostex

Monitor R - Fostex


Matrix 1 - Audience L

Matrix 2 - Audience R

Matrix 3 - Sub

Matrix 4 - US FX

Matrix 5 - DS FX