The Wonderful World of Dissocia

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The Wonderful World of Dissocia


The Wonderful World of Dissocia is a play which was written and directed by Anthony Neilson. It is about a woman suffering from dissociative disorder. Act one is set in her dream like imaginative life with many interesting and menacing characters. In act two it comes crashing back to her reality which is bleak and depressing.

Performance dates

31st of October - 3rd of October

Creative Team

Debbie Hannan - Director

Deborah Jenkins - Designer

Lizzie Powell - Lighting Designer

Maciej Kopka - Sound Designer

Technical Team

Production Manager - Lynfryn MacKenzie

Stage Manager - Kirstie L Connel

Deputy Stage Manager - Louise Charity

Assistant Stage Managers -Allan Hamilton and Rosie Orford

Production Electrician- Euan Odd

Technical Stage Manager- Reece Flynn

Deputy Technical Stage Managers - Craig Stevenson and Ross Brodie

Lighting Technicians - Adlai Faigen Callum Farrel Daryl Campbell

Sound 1 Regan Kelly

Sound 2 Racheal Matthews

Stage Management -

There was a lot of props for this production. Most was borrowerd from the RCS Props Store, Tron (where the original production was performed) and NTS.

The most challenging prop was the food. I found the cheapest options for the food (which was hot dogs with onions, mustard and ketchup) was frozen supermarkets (e.g Iceland), Booker wholesale and lidl.


Snapping Guitar String - Allan Hamilton (ASM)

The simplest solution that we found was to use a lower gauge of guitar string. In WWoD we used a 9-gauge nylon string with ball ends on the end. This still gave us the original sound of an acoustic string but was a lot thinner meaning it was a lot easier to snap.

When stringing the guitar, the nylon string should be fed through the bridge at the bottom, then brought up to through the track towards the neck of the guitar. The hole on the tuning peg should be facing upward. The string should be wrapped around the tuning peg 4 times. On the last time wrapping it round, it should be fed through the hole. With a pair of pliers, hold the loose end of string whilst tensioning it. Once in tune, take the string above its tone, and bring it back, stretching it out.

If the tuning peg is proving difficult to turn, cover the string and the tuning peg and use a small bit of WD40 to lubricate.

For WWoD, we used a high E string. So for snapping, it was roughly 8 turns from E until it snapped.

When the string snaps, depending where the tension breaks first, it will either rip the ball end out, or it will snap of the tuning peg. With the force of the string snapping, it will slip down the bridge, so ensure that the hands are kept clear and the guitar is facing away from the performers face.

Snapping Guitar Video

Master Props List

File:Master props list-1-.docx