The Speculator

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The Speculator
The Speculator Cover.png
2nd & 3rd December
Performance Course
Third Year BA Acting
New Atheneum Theatre
Creative Team
Mark Thomson
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Production Team
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager (Book Cover)
Assistant Stage Manager
Technical Stage Supervisor
Head of Flys
Deputy Technical Stage Supervisor
Deputy Technical Stage Supervisor
Production Electrian
DPLX/ Programmer
Lighting Crew
Sound 1/PSE
Sound 2/ AV
Sound Supervisor


The Speculator is set in Paris in 1720. The French playwright Pierre Marivaux is playing games with love and chance. Europe is in chaos. And John Law, a Scot from Edinburgh, is the richest and most powerful man in the world. He upsets order and alters the value of money. How long can his influence last?


Spec Cast.jpg

Stage Management

The ASMs did some provisional props lists, risk assessments and props research tasks remotely before most props were cut due to Coronavirus safety measures.

However the ASMs did build an IKEA bed and mix some brown and black paint with some Cuprinol Oak finish wood stain which was then painted onto the bed as well as using the mixed brown and black paint to paint the top of a table.

the Tavern Crates and Barrels were borrowed from NTS.

Technical Stage Department


IMG 7553.jpg

There wasn't much technical challenges for the Stage Department in this show, the design consisted of painted flats and a raised deck. Our main challenge was the tracking backdrop flats.

The backdrop flats needed to open in the centre to allow a Harley Davidson to pass through. We decided not to use trucks due to the size of the backdrop flats, there would have needed to be a large truck base to account for the height of the flats. A flown track was also not desirable as drifts would have been visible. The solution was to design a ground tracking system that could be supported by a truss structure, this was all built around the need for the flats to open to around 2m and the deck that was in place.

Ground Plans

Masking Plan

Dimensions provided on the plan so that an accurate representation of the masking drawn in Vectorworks can be achieved in the venue.

Tracking Backdrop Flats

The ground supported tracking backdrop flat system was designed so that the tracking system could would not be visible to the audience. By mounting the track onto the back of the flats and having the scenery carriers fixed on to the truss structures it would mean the track would move with the backdrop flats and would never be seen.

As we weren't in the building as much as we would have been pre-covid 19 a lot of planing had to be done to ensure we had enough equipment in stock to build the tracking backdrop system.

A small concept test was carried out before the full system was designed.

Equipment List

Equipment Prep

Fit Up/ Strike Plan

Fit Up Plan

Strike Plan

Show Running

Team Running Document

Stage Supervisor Running List


Flys & Hemp Plot

Points Plans

Points Plans

Points Master

Fly Cue Sheet

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This show had many complex factors regarding sound. Due to the COVID risk assessments all actors had to fit their own radio microphones and the sound crew were not allowed to touch the microphone on the actor. This led us to double micing all the cast. We had some challenges with wigs and masks but in the end it sounded great. We had to set up a broadcast mixing desk as the production was being filmed. Stuart mixed the mics for the room on the Yamaha QL5 and Conor adjusted levels on the Yamaha LS9 for the recording.

Input and Output Sheets

  Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 20.40.31.png
  Speculator Outputs.png