The Importance Of Being Earnest

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The Importance Of Being Earnest
Written by Oscar Wilde
Director Robert Carson
Designer Cassandra Pettigrew
Lighting Designer Simon Hayes
Sound Designer Sam Cunningham
Venue Chandler
Performance Dates 7th - 9th November 2012

Technical Credits

Production Manager Dave Evans

Stage Management

Stage Manager Alice McKay

Deputy Stage Manager Amber McClelland

Assit. Stage Manager Julia Perez

Assit. Stage Manager Rosie Barber


Technical Stage Manager Melissa MacDonald

Deputy Technical Stage Manager Andrew McCabe


Production Electrician Michael Parkin

Deputy Plx Audrey Wilson

LX crew and board operator Elleanor Taylor

Importance of Being Earnest LX Plan.gif


Sound Opertator Graeme Brown

Technical Challenges



+ Creating space to store the furniture for act 2 required us to use the area behind the dock doors as a storage area. This is frequently done buy hanging a small black ( 3mx4.5m) and masking it off as a small storage area. This has been marked as " Chandler Storage area black" and is located in the blacks store in the Ath.

Studio Tack


Studio tack is a type of sticky back plastic. It is frequently used in Television and Photography.


Applying the tack to the surfaces was a 3 person job at least. It required two persons to hold the opposing ends taught and a third person to smooth and discourage air bubbles from forming as the tack was applied. Edges of the sheets were secured with Contact Adhesive.

Studio Tack : Care and Replacement

The most effective way to clean the surface was to use lighter fluid and cotton wool. Pouring a small amount of lighter fluid onto the surface and leaving it a few seconds before wiping seemed to work best. It was a part of our checks (both pre show and at the interval) to look for marks made by shoes or furniture, if these marks were deemed obvious they would be removed as best possible.


Air Bubbles were almost inevitable and the most effective way of removing them was to use a small knife and pierce the edge of the bubble carefully and smooth out the air with a cloth.

Studio1.jpg Studio2.jpg

Above: the appication of the studio tack; and chasing out bubbles