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Written by Moliere
Director Tony Cownie
Designer Sophie Martin
Lighting Designer Roy Herd
Sound Designer Graeme Brown
Venue New Athenaeum Theatre
Performance Dates 7th - 9th November 2012



From set drawing you can see positions of set furniture and set flats.

From this we could take measurements on the fit up to actual positions on stage.

You can also notice where we intended to hang our tress and how much room we had to do this.

Tartuffe tree drifts.jpg

From strike plan you can see list of people involved and what equipment was required

It was also set out the way it was intended to run and what was done first


Table Construction

Table Construction

Our table construction happened as budget had run out to be able to buy what was required.

An email was sent out via Production Manager for TSM to build a reinforced table. My Deputy Jenny Howes and me got to work on some drawings for what we could produce. Four manufactured table legs we purchased and we would design and build the table top and enforcements.

We took on advice from Production Manager and workshop lecturers and were pleased with what we produced. You can see from Drawings and measurements given how it was all pieced together.

The Table top, 4 framing ledger pieces and 2 underside ledger pieces were all taken from the 1 piece of 18mm plywood.

• Mark out where ledger pieces are to go on Table top base • Fix ledgers with wood glue (1 piece at a time) • Hold ledgers in position with quick grip clamps • Once glue dries screw ledger piece to table • Attach ledger pieces together with glue and screws where required. • Hold legs into position, fix with glue and quick grips • Screw legs into foxed position • Fabricate corner pieces, fix to ledger pieces and to brace leg in position

The Paint used for the table was a bright orange undercoat with a dark brown on top. Whilst brown paint was still wet I used wood grain tools to give a more realistic effect. I then used a gloss coat to finish.

TartuffeTableConstruction.jpg TartuffeTableConstruction2.jpg


BOoms.png Booms LX Plan

Tartuffe Night 2.jpg VWX visualistaion

Tartuffe Evening sun.jpg

Budget.png When working with budget, and alot of things, I love to use Excel. Its straight away keeps things neat, tidy and simple to read.

Fire procedure.png During Tartuffe, set crossed the iron line during the show. As it was a very quiet show for TSM, the PLX was put in charge of the Safety Curtain. The fire procedure for LX, above, was created in discussion between LX and TSM.

Stage Management

Tartuffe Model Box


Set Dressing

For 'Tartuffe' the Stage Management team was responsible for a lot of the set dressing. On our propping travels we picked up lots of bits and bobs and knick knacks that we then put onto the set to create a room. The set is supposed to be a family living room, so the more lived in it is, the more believable it will be. We raided the props store, people's houses, and lots of charity shops to find what we needed.

Period Furniture

One of our biggest challenges was finding period furniture, particularly a table that was sturdy and period. Our final conclusion to the table was to have on built, and it looked great!! In order to have had a set of completely period furniture that would have been VERY costly!!! We got very lucky with some of the local props stores including the Tron, the Citizen's, and Scottish Opera, but naturally they were wary of lending out things that were actual antiques. We struck gold in our own props store at Spiers Lock Studios, where we have a brilliant store right under our noses. Objects borrowed from the SLS props store include:

    • Light green Chesterfield Sofa and matching armchair
    • High backed wooden dining chairs with brown leather seats
    • Writing desk - we added a green faux leather top
    • 3 x small side tables
    • Standard Lamp
    • Room divider