Swingin' Into Christmas 2014

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SWITC14.jpg SWITC14 2.jpg



2 Rows of Steeldeck were added behind the existing rostra (after moved downstage)

1 row consisting of 4 of 8'x4' and 1 of 4'x4' back row consisting of 4 of 8'x2' and 1 of 4'x2'

All deck on 600mm legs


The main Truss was S52V and hired from Black Light

Upstage Motors (H1-H4) were hung from the existing head height I-beams marked SWL200kg

Upstage end of the side trusses (H5, H6) were hung from 5m of H30V Truss spanning the two beams SL & SR beams at catwalk height and ratcheted in place.

Downstage Motors (H7, H8) were hung using a unequal bridle, using clutch chains and a doubled 5m drift around the large cylindrical beams at head height in the high catwalks

8m X 8m Half Tabs were hung on the back chord of the side trusses

12m X 7m Old Full Black was hung on the back chord of the back truss