Swingin' Into Christmas 2013

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With more glitz than a glitter ball, and more glamour than Strictly, get into the Christmas spirit with the stars of our Musical Theatre course and a band of our Jazz students putting on a Christmas show unlike any other!


Stage Manager - Samantha Burt

Technical Stage Manager - Andrew McCabe

Deputy Technical Stage Manager - Kieran Fitzpatrick

Sound No 1 - Graeme Brown

Sound No 2 - Laura Dougan

Production Electrician - Maciej Kopka

Deputy Production Electrician Desk Operator - Sarah MacDonald

General Crew -

Hannah Allan, Amy Donaldson, Ryan Greenfield, Alex Kilgour, John McAdie, Ross Pringle, Astrid Rothmeier, Judy Stewart, Samantha Wright

Technical Stage Management

Technical Stage Manager - Andrew McCabe

Deputy Technical Stage Manager - Kieran Fitzpatrick

The role of the stage department on Swingin' Into Christmas is to facilitate all of the masking, stage and usually snow effects in the show! The crew are also required to assist Stage Management, sound and LX when required.


The normal set up for swingin' is to use 5 hard maskers usually used in the Athenaeum to 'frame' the stage. This year due to weather and restrictions with the piano store we were unable to use them so we substituted the hard maskers to 4 stock 4000x8000 soft blacks. In some ways these look much better than the hard maskers once up as they fully frame the stage and 'hug it', but, they are much more difficult to get into place as the Concert Hall is not designed to rig blacks. If using soft's you should be prepared to use unusual sizes of scaffolding tube and multiple lengths of rope to rig and pull them into place. Make sure the scaffolding you use is black and the soft's are wrapped over the bar or 'concert hung' as they will be seen.


For the stage we used the 3 different levels of rostra already in the concert hall and extended the back 600mm high platform with steel deck to allow for an exit for the cast and band. For this extra platform we needed 4 bits of 8x4 deck and 1 bit of 4x4 all with 600mm high legs. There are also 2 sets of stock treads in the pit that we used SL and SR for easy access to the platform.


LD: Grant Anderson Board Op: Sarah MacDonald. Live opping with no DSM.


We used the ETC Eos Ti desk and along with generic fixtures we had Robe Pointes, Robe Washes, Mac TW1s, Pendants, 650 Chromasphere and 300 Chromaspheres. Both sets of truss were used as well as having several movers on the floor and the chromaspheres were hung on a hempline bar in front of the US black.

Cue List, Show Files and LX Plans

File:Show Files.pdf

File:Cue List Long.pdf

Sound Department

Swinging into christmas is a busy show for everyone involved! We had a lot to do, especially a lot of radio mics!!

Between us and the pant we had a total of 37 Shure UHFR radio mic systems running in the building. This took some careful planning to get that number of systems into 5 channels!

We used 7 ways in frequency band K4E, Channel 38 and 20 channels in band G1E - the coordinated channels that RCS hold a licence for.

We hired a yamaha SB168 from the Warehouse, allowing us to use a single cat5 cable to have 16 inputs and 8 outputs extra on stage. this helped as the show was nearly 60 channels!

Here is the input list:

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