Sweeney Todd

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Sweeney Todd
Performance Course
Third Year BA Musical Theatre
New Atheneum Theatre
Creative Team
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Production Team
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Stage Supervisor
Head of Flys
Deputy Stage Supervisor
Stage Technicians
Production Electrician
Deputy Production Electrician
LX Programmer
Lighting Crew
Production Sound Engineer
Sound No.2


Stage Management

Dressing Room Allocations: File:Dressing Room Allocations.docx

Sign in and out sheet week: File:Sign in and out sheet week .docx

setting Lists: File:Setting Lists.xlsx

Set Tracking Sweeney: File:Set Tracking Sweeney.xlsx

Sweeney Todd ASM SR Running list: File:Sweeney Todd ASM Running list Temp SR Track.docx

Sweeney todd ASM Running list Toby & Rory: File:Sweeney Todd ASM Running list Toby & Rory.docx

Props List: File:Sweeny Todd Props List .xlsx

Technical Stage Department


The set consisted of 3 large truck, A cart and lots of flown flats and signs

The barber Truck - This truck only moved UP and Down stage it had a stairs attached to the side and a trap the top platform for Sweeney to drop bodies through

Johanna's Tower - this truck also only moved UP and Down stage it has a detachable ships ladder to provide access to the top platform and large pin hinged doors that would swing open for different scenes

Pie Show Truck - this truck was actually two trucks that would join together to make one larger one.

The Cart - we used the cart originally made for the snow queen withs some modifications it had to live in the dock during the show whilst not on stage due to the size of it.


The barbershop truck trap was custom built for the production. The chair mechanism was designed by the show designer but featured a leaver connected to the front support frame for the seat, the top of the support frame held 3 x 50mm diameter single direction castor wheels that supported the seat piece of the chair. When the leaver is pulled the wheels move under the seat, dropping the seat panel into a slide. In order to keep the chair in the correct position for the trap there were 2 supporting drop bolts in place, one on the chair so that when it was placed on the platform it could be bolted down and still able to swivel like the director wanted. The other bolt was underneath the platform, once the chair was swivelled into 'drop' position, the trap operator (dep. Stage Supervisor) would push the bolt up to lock the chair in place and prevent it from moving away from the trap. The trap was part of the custom built truck. A small panel cut out of the platform and hinged on the short edge closest to the chair. It was held closed using four bolts, operated by the DSS. The platform underneath the trap door was set at a height that allowed the angle of the trap door to match the angle of the chair slide to keep the trap as smooth and safe as possible for the cast. As the action was not controlled by the cast members going down the trap it was decided that we should contact Ariel Edge to come and assess the trap action and work with the cast and crew to keep the stunt as safe as possible. The deputy stage supervisor and deputy stage manager were both talked through the action by Ariel Edge and the dss risk assessed the action based on that conversation.

Ground Plans

Flys & Automation

This was a relatively busy show for Flys and Auto with a mix of cloths, signs, flats that would meet trucks and automated flats withing flats.

Due to the number of set Pieces we had to split them between Counterweight Bars, Hemp sets, e-cham and Kinesys as well as putting in truss and motors for LX

Flys & Automation Cue Sheet

Pre Show Checks

Fly Plot

Automation Cue Sheet (Exported from desk)

Deads List (Exported from desk)

Points Plan


File:Sweeney Todd IO V2.xlsx

Sound No.2

we used wavetool to communicate between the no.1 and backstage and used a combination of hairline and forehead positions. 286334832 320014880173554 8282750221877218629 n.jpg-300px