Shakespeare in the City 11

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The Shakespeare plays choosen for this year are Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night's Dream, which are being performed in the Chandler Studio.

Much Ado About Nothing 2011

A Midsummer Nights Dream 2011

Production Team

Much Ado About Nothing/A Midsummer Night's Dream

Production Manager Sandy McRobbie

Stage Manager Hannah Nicol/Sarah Wilson

Deputy Stage Manager Samantha Burt/Ross Oliver

Assistant Stage Manager Marian Sharkey/Audrey Wilson

Lighting Designer Alexander Ridgers

Sound Designer Jonathan Towers

Production Electrician Madeleine Hillmann/Jonathan Towers

Deputy Production Electrician Jonathan Towers

Technical Stage Manager Fiona Nisbet

Lighting Operator Fiona Findlater

Sound Operator Rebecca Coull

Technical Crew Alice McKay, Amber McClelland and Melissa MacDonald