Scenic Construction

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Mentioned below are the most common methods of constructing flats. They all have pro's and con's for their use dependant on budget, resources, frequency and intended usage of the flats and as such you can expect to come across any number of adaptations and permutations of these basic construction methods.

Steel is commonplace in flat construction and although the principals are similar their construction involves different construction techniques and fabrication processes.

Mortise and tenon flat

Pinned and plated

On edge or exibition style


Fixings and fastenings

Stage fixings


Timber and sheet materials

Types of sheet materials

Online resources

Here are some sites you may wish to look at, although some of them may not be directly related to theatre production, they will have some tranferable elments.



Festool This site is good for downloading demonstrations of the products.

Finewoodworking You may have to sign up to the free trial period to access the demonstration videos.

Flints This may be helpful for descriptions of specialist theatre hardware and costings.

Wood joints

occupational health & safety guide

Health and safety website

Capstain table just for fun, a really cool table.

Band saw magic - that guy got skillz, yo!

Extensive list of materials and their weights

welding instruction.

Construction of a scene from inception