Russian Triple Bill

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Russian Triple Bill
16th Feb 2023 - 24th Feb 2023
Performance Course
New Athenaeum Theatre
Creative Team
Lighting Designer
Production Team
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Head of Stage + Automation
Head of Flys + Automation
Stage Technician
Stage Technician
Stage Technician
LX Programmer
Production Sound Engineer


Technical Stage Department


The design of Opera 3 was very green card friendly due to the designer looking through Paperclip beforehand and choosing our cloths from stock and steeldeck then disigning accordingly. This was a huge help in terms of the set needing built. The original plan for Moxart and Salieri (Act 1) Was to have two coffins and two laser cut Stave music signs with the composers names, sadly due to unforseen circumstances this opera was cut from the Bill and was replaced with a movement piece by Prokofiev. Thjs concluded in the signs being cut however we kept th two standing coffins, one of which stood 4000mm tall.

Mozart & Salieri

The 'Mozart' Coffin stands 4 meters tall and needs to be hidden during Act 2 by a cloth and completely off stage during Act 3. A performer is to sit on top of the coffin and play the fiddle whilst up there. This meant workshop had to build a full steel frame, weld a vertical ladder on to the back, secure eye bolts to the top to allow it to fly, and have opening front & back doors.

The doors were heavy and the unnatural shape of the coffin caused them to swing drastically

Scene Change

Feast In Time of Plague

This Piece was themed off of the Covid - 19 era. It consisted of the coffin being covered by a cloth that was flown in Via Kinesys as it was a 20 meter cyc it was too heavy to lift as well as climb the ladder.


Two grid panels needed to be opened to allow the SR Truss to fly. To get the motors in the correct position we used Twin Leg Clutch chains. This took a team of 3 on the grid in harnesses. A handy trick was using Vectorworks to measure out each leg of the clutch chain prior to attaching the motor, this meant we were not far off the point during fit-up.