Return To The Forbidden Planet

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Forbidden Planet.jpg
Creative and Technical Team
Director Stephen Whitson
Musical Director David Higham
Lighting Designer Grant Anderson
Sound Designer Hannah Allan
Sound 1 Jamie Ford

Return to the Forbidden Planet is a Jukebox musical by playwright Bob Carlton based on Shakespeare's The Tempest and the 1950s science fiction film Forbidden Planet (which itself drew its plot loosely from The Tempest). It was billed as Shakespeare's forgotten rock and roll masterpiece.

Performed by BAMT3 as their Acto-Musican final performance at SWG3 from the 9th of May to the 14th of May 2016.

Cast List

James Siggens - Captain Tempest

Julian Kapolei - Doctor Prospero

Will Kinnon - Ariel

Shannon Swan - Miranda

Kelsey Falconer - Navigation Officer

Emily Bradley - Science Officer (Gloria)

Euan Bennett - Cookie

Duncan Brown - Bosun

Megan McGuire - Dee Tergent

Mariah Parris - Cutie Cull

Katie Barnett

Dimitri Tianni - Andy Sceptic

Tom Bird - News Reader

Christopher Marshall - Ensign Jock E.Schwartz


File:FP System Diagram.pdf

Equipment List

Sennheiser e408 with clips


Pulse mic stands


Jack to Jack

DI boxes

Shure UR1-M beltpack transmitter

¼” to mini XLR connector

UR2 Beta 87C handheld transmitter

DiGiCo SD11 console with D-Rack

Meyer Sound UPA-1P Powered Loud speaker

Meyer Sound USW-1P Powered Loudspeaker

K+M Speaker Stands

Stand Adapters

IEC + flight case

Cat 5 Cable drums


UB Madi

Mac Mini + Flight case

VGA Monitor

32A Distro

16A Distro

13A – 16A Jumps

10m 16A

20m 16A

10m Power/Signal cable

5m Power/Signal cable

16A -13A 4 Bar Mains

Flight case

AV kit

NL4 Speakon Barrel

Stage Management


Factor X

Mic surround

Ray gun

Captain's chair


Orange boiler suit - Ensemble

Green boiler suit - Science officer

Blue boiler suit - Bosun

Red boiler suit - Captain Tempest

White dress - Miranda

White lab coats - Dr Prospero/Science Officer

Silver boiler suit and gloves - Ariel


Black and yellow hazard tape

Projection screen

|FP Ground plan.jpg


The Sound Department were also responsible for all the Video in the show. From the initial design meetings it was clear the director wanted a live camera feed from the back of the room to the projection surface at the rear of the performance area. Due to cost being an issue the final system was both highly functional but fitted comfortably within the limited budget of the show.

The System Utilised a Cannon 6D Connected Via a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable Into a Blackmagic HDMI to SDI converter Via 75m of 75Ohm BNC into a Blackmagic Thunderbolt Capture Card.

The camera was then cued through Qlab3 on a mac mini (With a Pro Bundle)