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Use this Page to Browse Productions by name or Programme

On this page you will find links to props, practicals, effects and other projects created by the Technical and Production Arts programme.

Projects From Productions

The making of the Magic Xylophone from Magic Flute 2012

Chasing Illuminated Staircase from Flight

Wardrobe Doors from Hidden

Spinning Disc from Cinderella Panto 07

Kabuki Drop from Wounds to the Face

Kabuki Drops, Tilting Trellis Pieces and Quick Release Tension Wire System from The Seagull

Cellar trap and Pit Bridge from Sleeping Beauty Panto 09

Horizontal Flying Performer from CPP's Sing Sing Sing

TSM Class Projects 2008

Treadmill by Hannah Fisher

TSM Project 2008 by Matt McFarlane

TSM Project 2008 - Deck Platform by Mark McGowan

TSM Project 2008 :) by Laura McNiven

Personnel Flying by Gillian Richards

tsm flying bridge by Alix Ross

TSM 08 Rain without water by Susan Scott

Inverted Waterfall by Ashley Thomas

TSM08 Project - Rising Revolve by Lynn Wiseman

TSM 08 Periaktos by Calum Wyllie

PLX Class Projects 2008

Countdown Timer


PLX08 Project - Knight Rider Car

PLX 08 Mirror Ball

TSM Class Projects 2010

Automated Trucks

Stage Management Projects


BSL for Stage Management

Applied Arts Personal Projects

t-shirt project

Other Projects


LX Poster Class 12/13 PAD1


Lx Poster Class 11/12

Inner Space 2012

CPP Rain on Stage

CCS1 Projects:

Group 1 - 1960s New York
Group 2 - Opera
Group 3 - Ancient Greece


LX Poster Class
Peter Pan Truss Exercise


Lx 09

Project Cuddle - TPA 1 Group 1 Collaborative Project


LX Intro '08

PP1a Cafe Research Task

Scenic Intro classes 08

Wet Props Intro '08

Costume Intro '08

A Show in a Day

Graduate 11 Production Drama Vs Opera

Graduate 11 Creative And Cultural Awareness CCS2

Graduate 11 Production Stage Management Games

Graduate 11 Collaborative Projects


Stage Technologies Installation

A sense of belonging

Inter-paperclip Projects