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This page was created after the Sleeping Beauty Panto 09, so that it may be used as a resource for future TSM/Production carpenters to use as a template, should the need arise for a pit bridge to be made on any future productions.

Please feel free to edit this page should you see fit, and improve on the design of the pit bridge at your leisure. After all, it is a learning establishment!

NB: This design may change, depending on the level needed for the orchestra pit. Should this be the case, lengthen/shorten the scaff legs as necessary.

Parts needed:

Steel deck:

1 x 8'x4',

1 x 4'x2'


6 x 600mm legs,

2 x 2000mm legs


2 x 2-step-treads (used by the band to go down onto the pit lift),

1 x 4-step-treads (used to go from the stage to the pit bridge, and vice versa. These should be stored in the back pit)


2 x feet

Misc. hardware :

6 x 2" backflap hinges,

4 x 4" backflap hinges,

black tat to dress edges of steel deck,

4mm ply to pack as needed,

2 x M10 bolts w/ Nylocks and washers (to join steel deck)