Painting tips for Propmakers

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EXCELLENT resource of National Theatre Scenic artists demonstrating and talking about their craft

David Neat – and educator with a great resource on model making and painting

Copper effect on plastic

How to get a no-bleed line with masking tape

Tutorial on cheap crackle glaze effect

Pierre Finkelstein - Large catalogue of painting tutorials

Pierre Finkelstein – Make a wood graining tool

Pierre Finkelstein - Using a ‘flogger’ brush

Pierre Finkelstein - Trompe L’oeil ornamentation

Mark Waller – Simple painted acrylic marble tutorial

[Web forum with lots of questions to problems and solutions being given]

[Will Kemp Art school – excellent tutorial on mixing flesh tones]

[Scott Naismith, Scottish fine artist – Colour Theory - Hue and Saturation]

[Scott Naismith, Scottish fine artist – Colour Theory - Balance and Harmony]

[Andrew Price , CGI artist – A great guide to using colour in paintings]

[Andrew Price, CGI – A great tutorial on composition in art]

[How to stencil]

[Spray Guns start watching at 8:10 – 22:20]

[Gun cleaning]