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All lanterns are supplied in working order with hook clamps, wing nuts and safety chains/ bonds. Please ensure that at the end of the production all lanterns are restored to the condition in which they were received and report any and all faults and damages to the Venues Team. All lanterns with the note below have a safety bond attached to the lantern and a bonded colour frame and/or barndoor, if these are found to be removed the lantern will be removed from service for the duration of the show.

Moving Heads

4 x MAC Encore Performance CLD

MAC Encore™ Performance CLD integrates cutting-edge LED technology with a proprietary and innovative light engine carefully engineered to generate pristine, full spectrum light with ultra-high colour rendition. The feature-packed moving head offers unparalleled 6000 K crisp, neutral daylight. Its advanced colour mixing system delivers the full palette from smooth and subtle pastels to rich and vibrant saturated colours. Moreover, it offers a fully variable colour correction to tungsten/orange.

Weight: 31Kg


Source Four 14 Degree

14.jpg4 in stock

Weight: 8.8kg

Source Four 19 Degree

19.png 20 in stock

Weight: 6.3kg

Source Four 26 Degree

26.jpg 20 in stock

Weight: 6.3kg

Source Four 36 Degree

36.jpg 20 in stock

Weight: 6.3kg

Source Four 50 Degree

50.jpg 9 in stock

Weight: 6.3kg

Source Four 70 Degree

70.png 6 in stock

Weight: 7.9kg

Source Four 15°-30°

15-30.jpg 10 in stock

Weight: 9.5kg

Source Four 25°-50°

25-50.png 10 in stock

Weight: 8.5kg

To go along with the source 4 profiles we also have 50 gobo holders that take a size B gobo.
We also have 20 iris for the source fours.

Strand Prelude 16/30
These are for use as conductor spots only and are not to be moved
Prelude.jpg2 in stock

Fresnels + PCs

750w Source 4 Fresnel
Weighs 6.1kg

all Fresnels come complete with barndoors and colour frame
6.1 kg
ETCs4.jpg54 in stock

2000w Arena 7°-60° Theatre Fresnel
weighs 10kg

all Fresnels come complete with barndoors and colour frame
ARENA.jpg 10 in stock

ADB CH50 5000w Fresnel


1 in stock

Weight: 11.9kg

1200 W Selecon Rama. 4.5 degree - 62 degree beam angle.
Weight 7.2kg
4 in stock



The RUSH PAR 2 RGBW Zoom is a bright single-lens LED PAR Can with fully premixed color from 12 RGBW LEDs and a spectacular 10 – 60 ° zoom. It offers electronic dimming and strobe and comes with a flexible bracket for floor or truss mounting. Weight 5.5kg
Rush.jpg9 in stock

Parcan.jpg20 in stock
Weighs 1.92kg
All Parcans have a bonded colour frame
See the Lantern Prep section for how to tell the difference between PAR lamps.
PLEASE NOTE - We have a variety of PAR 64 lamps - we may not have all of the same lamps that you require for your show.

Par 64 Short nose Parcan

(various beamsize)
Shortnose.jpeg2 in stock
Weighs 1.71kg

Source 4 PAR

(Various beamsize, interchangeable lenses)

SourceFourParcan.jpg39 in stock
There are 13 Barn Doors available for these lanterns
Weighs 3.4kg
All S4 Pars have a bonded colour frame
This is a good guide about how to change Source 4 Par Lenses, and how to tell the different types. Limited barndoors availiable for these units


1000w Selecon LUI asymmetric flood

Lui.jpg6 in stock

Source Four LED CYC
Led cyc.jpg
20 in Stock
there are 20 of these cyc units. They consist of 20 CYC lenses that turn any LED source 4 into a cyc light. Ours are powered by source 4 Lustr+, these are full colour mixing LEDs. The best mode for using with the GrandMA2 and its colour picker appears to be HSIC Plus7. Do be sure to check the Lustr+ manual for correct operation of the fixtures in their differing modes using the console.
Please note that you will need to hire in power and DMX cables if you use these lights not as the cyc lights. LED1.jpg

Follow Spots

2 Robert Juliet Korrigan 1200W HMI with Ballast, complete with 3 frame colour changer
Super KORRIGAN.jpg

Beam angles

Below is a quick guide to callculating the throw of lanterns.

Throw distance.JPG

Hazers and Smoke Machines

look solutions unique 2.1 hazer
The Unique 2.1 is one of the most popular professional hazers in the world. Ideal for highlighting and supporting light and laser effects.

   Minimal warm up time of only 60 seconds
   Minimal noise
   Pump and fan adjustable separately in 99 steps, therefore variable output (from the finest mist to a thick haze, similar to fog)
   Internal fan ensures quick and homogen distribution
   DMX as standard, analog (0-10V) and stand-alone running
   Control of the pump, fan and the adjusting of the DMX start address is achieved with buttons
   Internal Timer
   Haze-Density Control System
   Minimal fluid consumption (2l canister guarantees up to 50 hours continuous output)


Control in this venue is normally the GrandMA 2 (Light). More details here

DMX goes directly to the chilli dimmers from the Ath control room. There is also a line to the gods (labelled "To Patchbays") which then goes to the promptside flys. There are 1u splitter units at each of these locations.

Houselights are on channels 221 through 224. If the desk is powered up + plugged in it will override the chilli system. Be aware of this!


1m x 4

2m x 20

5m x 50

10m x 15

20m x 5

ADDITIONAL - There are 3 x 10m lengths of DMX set aside for patching the desk into the DMX tie lines at the rear of the Athenaeum auditorium. These 3 cables are to be kept in the Athenaeum control room, and are marked with RCS Production Dept white tape.




Mulitcore Lengths

UPDATE 15/04/2022

7x 5m

7x 10m

6x 15m

12x 20m

1x 40m

Total Socapex Length: 370m



Socapex Spider.jpg

19 x 800mm (Short)

1 x 1800mm (Long)

ADDITIONAL - There are an additional (to the above stock) 4 x 800mm short 15a plug to Socapex break in spiders in the Athenaeum Gods. These are to allow the FoH booms and Auditorium IWB's to be plugged into the Gods dimmer outlets and should remain in the Gods for this purpose until the require PAT testing.


Socapex Tail.jpeg

13 x 800mm (Short)

2x 1800mm (Long)

Socapex weights

Socapex weight.png

Internally Wired Bars (IWBs)

All IWBs are wired to 15A connections and cannot be changed.


3x Short Black - 6 Circuits each (approx. 17.5kgs)

  (1 under repair - total should be 4)

3x Long Silver - 6 Circuits each (approx. 17.5kgs)

2x Long Silver - 12 Circuits each (approx. 35kgs)

TOTAL IWB Circuits:64

CEE Form

Single Phase 1Φ



2m x 7

5m x 10

10m x 13

15m x 2

20m x 4

1 x 7m 1 x 8m 1 x 13m

ADDITIONAL - 2 x 15m + 1 x 5m 16a cable live in Athenaeum gods and are for exclusive use on the FoH truss - These lengths allow for two drops of cable from Gods distro to Truss, and then a cross truss extension if required. All cables are length marked, and marked "Reserved for Use on Athenaeum FoH Truss".

Total Length: 158m



2 x 10m 4 x 20m 2 x 30m 1 x 5m - lives in Athenaeum Gods to utilise 32a distro box to power the FoH truss motors and lighting fixtures on the truss.

N.B. If the ground rows are in use with the Back Projection Screen then these are used to extend the ground row multicore



1x 6m


15A - 32A

1x 2m

1x 5m

32A - Groundrow

2x 3m

16A - 13A


1x 2m (Single Way)

1x 1m (4 Way)

Three Phase 3Φ

32A 3Φ


1x 6m



CORRECT AS 15/04/22

Colouring Convention: R E D 3 letters = 3 meters, B L U E 4 letter = 4 meters etc.

0.5m WHITE x 4

1m WHITE x 8

2m WHITE (2 Stripes) x 59

3m RED x 25

4m BLUE x 28

5m GREEN x 52

6m PURPLE x 7

10m YELLOW x 38

15m YELLOW + GREEN x 6

MINIMUM TOTAL Length: 1003m

b>TOTAL Count: 231

Powercon TRS Interlinking Extensions

Powercon Cable.jpeg

10 x 5m Green (marked "Production Dept")

6 x 5m (unmarked)

45 x 2m

1 x 30m


All circuits are hard patched to their respective dimmer.


There are 12 non-dim circuits (16A sockets on 16A breakers) on stage floor level, 6 USL and 6 USR, DMX 243 - 254.

There are 12 non-dim circuits (16A sockets on 10A breakers) on the prompt side fly floor, DMX 231 - 242.