Mother Goose 2014

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Mother Goose 2014
Performance Time
Performance Date 6th December - 12th December
Performance Time 2:30 and 7:30pm
Venue New Athenaeum
Creative Team
Director Alasdair Hawthorne
Musical Director Emma Weiss
Designer Robin Peoples
LX Designer Simon Hayes
Production Team
Production Manager Sandy McRobbie
Stage Manager Chrissie Huxford
DSM Eve Kerr
ASM Riona Gilliland and Kiri Newbery
TSM Stuart Lord
DTSM Ryan Greenfield
Sound No 1 Maciej Kopka
Sound No 2 Hannah Allan
PLX Elspeth Watt
Stage LX Stephen Cunningham Alex Kilgour John McAdie Shannon Howard
Crew Patrick Hepplewhite Babette Wickham-Riddick Miranda Stewart Ben Leach Valentino Paride Rachel Wells Gary Ashbridge Kieran Kenning Chris Brown Chariya Glasse-Davies Ross McCrone Fiona Dalgleish Benjamin Goodman


Technical Stage Management

Stage Management


As we didn't have enough pouches for our radio mics, we made new ones with neoprene material. Follow link for a template and description on how they were made. Radio Mic Pouches

Stage Electrics

The fixture profile used for the Robe Robin MMX Blade fixtures used in this show for the Grand MA 1 in fixture mode 1 written by Shannon Howard.


Custom-designed gobo

The font, 'Circus', was downloading to match Robin People's design on the circus flat in the set. This was the arranged into a size B gobo mock-up which was sent away and copied in the form of a glass gobo

File:Gobo design1.pdf

Tree Truck Waterfall Effect

During the 'Spooky Swamp' scene when the tree slid to the side to reveal a door, there was 'waterfall' effect. This was done by drilling out around six holes along the edge of the truck where the fog would be falling. Theses where around 5cm in diameter. Once the holes where drilled, silver tubing was attached to the truck and ran down the back of it in order to be attached to the glaciator. In order to help guide the fog down into the holes in the truck, a wooden box was made and attached around the drilled out holes making sure the silver tubing could fit inside comfortably. Black tat was then added around the silver tubing to mask it from the audience.