MACCT Shakespeares 2013

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MACCT Shakespeares 2013 - Women Beware Women & All's Well That Ends Well
MACCT title.jpg
Director Women Beware Women - Gordon Barr

All's Well That Ends Well- Bill Wright

Set Designer Hazel Blue
Lighting Designer Simon Hayes
Stage Manager Sam Ramsay
PLX Sam Cunningham
Technical Stage Manager Jennifer Howes
LX Operator Mark Blythe
Sound 1 Fraser Milroy
Venue Alexander Gibson Opera School
Tech April - May '13
Performance Dates All's Well That Ends Well - 8th - 17th May '13

Women Beware Women - 9th - 17th May '13

MACCT Shakespeare double bill. Performed in rep.


LX Overview

The Rig was comprised entirely of Generic Fixtures, all powered and controlled by the existing dimmer infrastructure in the RCS AGOS. Control was provided in the form of a ETC Congo, running a single Que stack for both shows, one after the other. Four onstage booms provided sidelight while specials were also placed around the set. Archway Back light was provided by 4 upright booms behind the set.

LX Equipment


  • STRAND Cantata Profile 11/26 - 6
  • STRAND Cantata Profile 18/32 - 18
  • STRAND Cantata Fresnel - 28
  • SELECON Acclaim Fresnel - 16
  • STRAND Coda Flood - 2
  • PAR 64 (CP62) - 14
  • PAR 16 - 8


  • ETC Congo
  • Strand LD90's

LX Documents

Technical Stage Management


Technical Challenges

Floor Cloth

One of the main design elements was a large painted floorcloth. Due to the nature of the AGOS as a concert venue, we were unable to fix into the floor. This created a logistical challenge with the floorcloth.

We decided to weight the edges of the floorcloth down using a number of fly weights from the Ath. These were placed in a wooden channel that workshop manufactured, along the side and back edges of the cloth. This resulted in needing approximately 120 fly weights. Unfortunately we were unable to find any data that suggested if it were possible to safely put this amount of weight (approx 1.5t) onto the floor. Though out the production period no issues were noted.

Despite all of this weight, as the production period progressed, the floor cloth continued to move and stretch due to the high shine finish on the wooden floor of the venue. This started to make fight calls dangerous. This was solved by laying strips of NEC double sided tape on a US-DS orientation, approximately 500-1000mm apart under the whole front portion of the playing area. The floorcloth could the be stretched simultaneously outwards and downwards, before the front edge was taped down.

The fly weights needed to be removed, and returned to the loading gallery before and after the production period. This would have been less of a manual handling issue if there had been move crew members.


Due to the location of the set, and the location of the catwalks, it was necessary to under sling a bar directly under the catwalk on either side of the set to create 'wings'. This was done using:

  • 2 x lengths of scaff: 1.6m & 1.8m
  • 4 x barrel clamps
  • 2 x 1t shackle
  • 16 x 1/2t shackle
  • 2 x small turnbuckles
  • 2 x Doughty 1/2 couplers
  • 2 x eyebolts
  • 6 x assorted drifts - 2 x 3.5m, 2 x 3.4m, 2 x 3.2m
  • 2 x 3x7m soft legs