London Road

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London Road



Technical Stage Management

Sooky Kabuki

Hanging Baskets

The hanging baskets used a complex dyneema rope flying system. Each basket was attached at the end of the rope, using a figure of eight knot. The line ran straight up, through a swing cheek pulley which rang horizontally to the gantry. The in-dead was tied to the bar using a clove hitch knot. A carabiner was fixed between the two bars on the gantry so that the rope could easily be clipped in using another figure of eight knot for its out dead and its basket dead. Out deads had to be set through the branches of the trees, or else the lines would get caught and fail to fly in.

One issue when flying the basket lines in was there was no weight on the line. We decided to use fish weights below the pulley, so when the line was unclipped from the bar, it would pull downwards to the in dead.

In Dead - Clove Hitch (on bar)

Basket Dead - Figure of 8 knot (matt pink tape)

Out Dead - Figure of 8 knot (matt orange tape)