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Indiana Jonny and friends in the quest for culinary cafe delights


We left the RSAMD on a mission to find a classic tearoom and ended up in Miss Cranston's tearoom on Gordon St.

The decor was delightful and simple yet modern. There was only a few customers who seemed to be out shopping for the day. The staff were busy trying to prepare for the afternoon rush however they were still polite and attentive.

The cleaners were leaving as we came in however the place did not seem as clean and as spotless as it should have been.


We ordered our food and tea and were presented with white china, silver cutlery and red cloth napkins. The tea was overly complicated with real tea leaves and tea strainer, sugar cubes and a random pot of hot water.

We left feeling unsatisfied and cheated by the bill which was £14.55 and felt better giving money to a homeless man than leaving a tip.

We decided to go for a contrast with our next cafe and ended up the Chequers Cafe in the Savoy Centre. The atmosphere was much more relaxed as we did not feel there were any standards expected of us.

Even though it was self service it was quicker and more efficient when ordering food. The decor was simple and mismatched with everything being served in plastic cups and on plastic plates. However the cleanliness of the cafe was, in our opinion, to a higher standard than that of the first cafe. The food was much more enjoyable and our bill was half the price (£7.40)

When we compared the two cafes we realised they had similarities however were both of different standards.

Miss Cranston's was expensive and more upper class and expected a certain type of cliental ie, the elderly whereas Chequers was much more comfortable, down to earth and welcoming to all.

We had an enjoyable experience tasting the fine cafe cuisines of the city of Glasgow.

The End