Last Woman Left

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Last Woman Left
Production Last Woman Left
Last Woman Left.jpg
Performance Time
Performance Dates Tuesday 8th May 2018 - Saturday 12th May 2018
Venue Chandler Studio Theatre
Creative Team
Set and Costume Designer Fraser Lappin
Lighting Designer Callum Dunbar
Sound Designer Kevin Murray

Production Team
Production Manager Kevin Murray
Stage Manager Louise Charity
DSM Babbette Wickam-Riddick
ASM Sean Ramsay & Joshua Brown
TSM Heather Mckennan
DTSM Regan Kelly & Daryl Campbell
Assistant TSM Rhys Gaughan
Sound 1 Ross Brodie
Sound Operator Andrew Swarbrigg
PLX Amy Dawson
LX Programmer Adlai Faigen
LX Crew Nele Hansen & Cameron Kerr


Last Woman Left is a devised piece created by Claire Lamont and BA Performance in BSL class of 2018.


"A community is under threat. Flood warnings have been issued and the government is urging an immediate evacuation. But as panic rises, one woman refuses to leave. She suspects that the government isn’t telling them the truth.

Performed in a variety of languages, Last Woman Left asks us to consider who we can trust and when we should make a stand against those in authority."

Production Team


The system for this show used all of the Chandlers in house speakers and nothing else, six Tannoy V12's and two T40r Subs. The V 12's were in groups of two. The first group was on the very up stage bar, the second hung under the catwalks facing the wall and the third on the DS bar of the centre catwalk. The two subs were place under the steel deck structure against the set.

Technical Stage Management

The set for Last Woman Left was mainly composed of a large 2m high steel deck platform and a variety of door and backing flats. Once in the space there were some additional black hard maskers put in place at the discretion of the designer.

Production Manual

File:Last woman left Production Manual .xlsx

Van Pack

File:LWL Van Pack .docx

Fit-up Plan

File:LWL Fit-up Plan.docx

Pre-Show Checks

File:LWL Pre-Show Checks .docx

Running List