Karyn Wilson

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Karyn Wilson
Date of Birth 3rd of October 1998
Course Production Technology & Management
Graduating Year 2019 (RCS Graduate 19)
Specialism Lighting
Higher Education Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2016 - 2019


Karyn is a second year Production Technology and Management student with an interest in production electrics and lighting programming.

E-Portfolio - [1]

First Year

Snow Queen - Crew / Puppeteer / Firemaster - NAT

Inner Space 2017 - Lighting Designer - NAT

Acting Showcase 2017 - Lighting Technician and Operator - NAT

Chess - Lighting Technician and Follow Spot Operator - NAT and EFT

Table - ASM - The Citizens Circle Studio

Ballet Showcase 2017 - Lighting Programmer (GrandMa2)

Second Year

Balm in Gilead - Lighting Technician and Programmer (Eos Ti)

London Road - Sound Technician

Savitri & Der Kaiser - TSM Crew & Followspot Operator

Ballet Showcase 2018 - Lighting Programmer (GrandMA2)

Street Scene - Deputy Production Electrician and Programmer (GrandMA2)

Outside Work

Dancelines International Championship 2017 - Lighting Programmer and Operator (Avolites Tiger Touch II) - Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow

Assembly Festival 2017 - Lighting Technician and Programmer (GrandMA2) - Assembly Checkpoint

Late Night Studio Jazz - Lighting and Sound Technician and Programmer (Chamsys) - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, City of Music Studio