Into The New 2022

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Into The New 2022
Online Stream Dates
18th March - 23th March
Performance Course
4th Year Contemporary Performance Practice
New Atheneum Theatre
Production Team
Production Manager
Technical Manager
Stage Manager
Stage Manager
Stage Manager on Book
Technical Stage Supervisor
Head of Flys
Assistant Technical Stage Supervisor
Assistant Technical Stage Supervisor
Stage Crew
Lighting Designer
Lighting Designer
Production Electrian
Lighting Technician
Lighting Technician
Lighting Technician
Lighting Technician
Sound 1
Sound Supervisor


Shows/ Cast

Stage Management


Rhia Mitsuhashi was Lighting Designer for; The Comedic Story of the Century, Muff - The Musical, Breakout, Seán Talbbot’s Scintillating Self-Discovery Smut Show, Speaking Objectively, Saint Saul

Lighting Plan

When creating the plan there were various challenges, the most prominent was making sure that each performance was catered for in a semi-equal manner. Performances ranged from single state locations to a want to swing a mover like a pendulum. Thus my creating some limitations for the performers and compromising, we were able to create some stunning effects with the lighting, making sure each performer was satisfied with their lighting. File:2022 ITTN Lighting Plan.pdf

Focus Sheets

To plan ahead and make focus faster, these focus sheets were made in illustrator. This also insured both LDs were on the same page about the rig. This sheet also aided a lot in the time crunch for each performance. It made it easier during tech for the programmer and LDs to recall channel numbers Etc. File:2022 ITTN Focus Sheets.pdf

Technical Stage Department