Innerspace 2022

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Innerspace 2022
Creative Team
Production Manager
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Production Team
Head of Stage
Head of Flies
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
FOH Manager
Production Sound Engineer
Sound No.1
Sound No.2 Ana Carolina Sabino

About: Music Through The Ages

This production was finalized in the beginning of the term. We had decided our roles and what the production was going to be and settled on “Music Through The Ages”. The show consisted of 6 musical acts. We had reached out to the first years musical theatre students to join us. Our musical acts were made up of Sheridan Townsley who sang Oh! Pretty Woman by Roy Orbinson, Matty Juniosa who sang I will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, Ava Duncan who sang Thriller by Michael Jackson, Shoshona Ezequiel who sang Man! I feel like a Woman! by Shania Twain, Carley Duncan who sang The Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga and the entire cast sung The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman.

Technical Stage Department

Innerspace involved mulptiple flys including, a disco ball, microphone, masking, gauze = introducing each act, and lighting ladder bars.

TSD team members Nathan George (Head of Stage) and Daniel Barclay (Head of Flys) were responsible for flys and stage layout during fit up, performance and strike. There were also multiple members of the stage management team that were included in the majority of the fit up. Such as Paola Soliz , Lara Cassidy , and Pim Unhasuta. Also within the Sound crew we had Jamie Partridge and David Kyle.

The show consisted of 13 fly cues, a fairly simple arrangement. The majority being the flying in out of the gauze as well as a disco ball, lighting ladder and a stylised microphone on its own line for the first act.

Here is a flyplot detailing the weight, amount and length of the flying system and a full ground plan in the new athenaeum theatre.

Fly Plot.PNG

Health and Safety wise, multiple Risk Assessments were made covering the loading and flying of the counterweight fly system, working at height, use of steel deck staging and manual handling to evaluate and minimize the chance of any potential hazards to equipment, the production team or performers.

Stage Management

The Stage Management Department consisted of 4 team members. Paola Soliz was the Stage Manager (SM). Pim Unhasuta was the Deputy Stage Manager (DSM). Lara Cassidy was the Assistant Stage Manager (ASM). Saul Johnstone was the Front of House Manager (FOHM). This team was responsible for the health and safety of the cast and crew.

Prompt Book


The Lighting Department was made up of the lighting designer and programmer Eoin Beaton, while the PLX was Cameron McGrath. Since the LX crew was so small we had help for the rigging and get out from the Production Manager William Sheils, the TSD department as well as Stage Management.

LX Plan


LX Bible


Innerspace Groups.png Innerspace Colour Palettes.png


Our sound set up was as follows: For FOH and monitor mixing we used a Allen and Heath SQ5 console which was connected to D&B E3's which were used for the main PA. D&B E0's were used for stage monitors. FOH was located behind and stage left of the audience. Position for sound no. 2 and RF was behind the stage in an area known as The Void.

Sound Plot

Kit List

Sound Manual