House Tabs

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Dimensions and Weight

The house tabs are made up of 2 half tabs custom made to fit the proscenium arch of the New Atheneum Theatre. There is one stage left tab and one stage right. They are brown and gold.


Combined the tabs weigh 14.5 fly weights or 175kg.

Each tab measures 8m wide with an 8m drop.


The rigging of the house tabs is quite specific. the House tabs should always be tied from the middle of the bar out One of the tabs has 3 gold stripes right at the edge. This is the front tab and should be ties on first going Centre Stage - Stage Left. The next tab can be identified by the additional section of brown fabric before the 3 gold stripes signifying where the tab should be centred. The additional section of brown fabric created the overlap at the back that keeps light from bleeding through the centre.


The house tabs are dusty and some of the fringing on the bottom and back is falling off. In addition the protective fabric at the back is ripped in a number of places.