Hamlet 2020

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Hamlet 2020
5th - 8th February 2020
Performance Course
2nd year BA Acting
Creative Team
Pete Collins
Assistant Director
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Production Team
Production Manager
Ros Maddison
Assistant Production Manager
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Managers
Stage Supervisor
Lighting Programmer and Operator
Production Electrician
Deputy Production Electrician


A restless ghost demands revenge for his unjust murder. A king seizes the throne but his power is built on lies. A mother begs her raging child to cease tormenting her. A daughter faces heartbreak after a sudden loss.

Denmark is a prison for young Hamlet, heir to the Danish throne. Injustice flourishes at home and abroad and the world seems broken beyond repair. In these dangerously heightened times truth is a tragic burden and trust is hard to find. Will Hamlet triumph over fear and fury?


Technical Stage Department

The Set

The idea for the set in this production was for the floor to look like a large sheet of ice with nothing below. To achieve this effect i worked closely with the designer. It was decided that we would use the lexan sheets that came from Middletown, earlier in the year, and appply an effect using beer and epsom salts. The floor square was held in place using a border frame of 6mm plywood cut down to strips, this along with the texture of the ice effect, created enough friction to hold the tiles in place. The other main part of the set were 4 door frames, the frames were positioned at the four corners of the set. They were then hinged into the floor and suspended from the catwalks using 4mm rated chord.

Hamlet floor close up
Hamlet door frame


Originally the designer decided that the only masking used would be a soft black to cover the seating bank and the chandler pillar socks. The Pillar socks are Velcro covers for the red pillars, these are kept in venues and need to be booked out. The masking for the seating bank was a bit more complex. I placed 2 cross bars in the near the middle of the gap between catwalk 3 and the back wall and with permission from both the LD and PLX, i also used the two most outer lx bars as suspension points. From there we choked a 2m strop around the cross bar and connected a barrel clamp to the bottom using a shackle, after all 4 points were installed, we used 2 scaff bars, 1x5m and 1x4m. We used Black Border 110. After the designer saw the set in venue she requested we add more masking to cover the 4 corners behind the door frames.

cloth rigging plan

Seating bank plan

hamlet floor plan



The Plan-

For this show the biggest problem faced was getting equal coverage across the three seating banks that were surrounding the set. To gain equal coverage we used all six of the KV2 ESD 12 Speakers that were available in the chandler stock. we set them out with two facing each of the seating banks. Once correctly focused this gave and equal coverage across the seating banks. The Desk was set up using 7 of the Yamaha QL5's 8 Matrix's to have individual control of each channel.

File:Hamlet 2020 Sound Plan.pdf

Equipment used-

Speakers - 6 x KV2 [1]

Control - Yamaha QL5 [2]

Playback - MacBook Pro with Qlab Audio License via Dante Virtual Soundcard

The Team-

Sound Designer- Corey Jackson

Sound Operator- David Graham

Stage Management