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See below for pictures that affiliate with the description of processes above.
See below for pictures that affiliate with the description of processes above.
[[File:GoE 2.jpeg]]
[[File:GoE 2.jpeg|200px]]
[[File:GoE 3.jpeg]]
[[File:GoE 3.jpeg|200px]]
==Stage Management==
==Stage Management==

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Glory on Earth
Glory on Earth Cover Image.jpg
Performance Dates
11th -13th December 2019
Performance Course
BA Performance in BSL and English
Chandler Studio Theatre
Creative Team
Mark Stephenson
Set and Costume Designer
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Production Team
Production Manager
Kevin Murrary
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Production Electrician
Mhairhi Burton Coyle
Lighting Programmer
Production Sound Engineer
Stage Supervisor
AV Designer
Daniel Hugh


Technical Stage Department

The technical stage department facilitated the creative intention and vision of both designer and AV designer primarily in providing the hanging elements required for scenery and equipment. Primarily these included but were not limited to: three incense thuribles, two "parchment" flats, one archway flat, one black border, three drop bars with projectors, and one stain glass window.

Other scenery elements included one set of treads, two pieces of steel deck (one at 1000MM, one at 1500MM), two church pews (cut in half from one complete pew), a section of MDF flooring, as well as two sets of seating bank SR and SL.

Cross bars were put in across from catwalk 3 to the US wall in order to hang the thuribles and the stain glass window. Hung with 2mm nylon black cord, each thurible had a different elevation. The stain glass window had an alloy frame with a rivet, which allowed for a loop of dyneema cord to be tied back onto itself using a truckers witch. Figure of eight loops were added at three equidistant points in the dyneema loop, allowing for rigging points to be tied to cross bars overhead.

In order to hang the two parchment flats (approx. 5000MM in width) below catwalk 2 SR and SL, a 4M scaff bar was dead hung to the catwalks beams. Using flying irons, shackles, grommets, and 1500MM drifts, the parchment flats were suspended above the seating bank.

The archway flat was screwed into the floor DS and kept aright with two 4M drifts through the frame of the flat, two ring plates, shackles and two turnbuckles in order to apply tension to the drifts.

The projection drop bars were connected to catwalk 2's beams and then a crossbar connected the 4 sets of drop bars to each other, providing multiple points for AV to project from.

See below for pictures that affiliate with the description of processes above.

GoE 2.jpeg

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Stage Management

LX Department

Sound Department

AV Department