Dying For It

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Production photographs

Flickrset by Christine Murphy

Flickr set RSAMD


Production Team

Adrian Osmond – Director

Lynfryn MacKenzie – Production Manager

Helen Allingham – Design

Laura McNiven – LX Design

Jennifer Walker – Sound Design

Jane Gordon – SM

Francesca Branch – DSM

Laura Jarvis – ASM

Emily Lennox – ASM

Barry McDonald – ASM

David MacMorris – ASM

Craig Ralph - ASM

Louise Marr - TSM

Martin Aitken – Crew

Scott Bremner – Crew

Madeleine Hillmann – Crew

Lauren McKay – Crew

Jonny Reed – Crew

Kevin Cullen - PLX

James Clelland – LX Crew

Jamie Fallen – LX Crew

Catherine Lewis – LX Crew


This was a challenging set to work on: it presented many technical difficulties and challenges for all departments.

Set Elements

  • The set was built on 4 levels: -3000mm - Below Stage, 0mm - Stage, +3000mm - 2nd Story Of Stage, +8000mm - Suspended Platform
  • Each of these levels were linked by a staircase: a L-shaped stair linked below stage and stage, a spiral stair linked the 1st and 2nd story of the stage and a straight, custom built, steel framed stair at 53 degrees linked the 2nd story to the suspended platform
  • Access to below stage was given by a permanently open L-shaped hole 1800mm in length (of both sides)
  • 3 working doors which were slammed regularly and had to hold while shoes etc. were thrown at them
  • Live sound effects of running water were used on stage
  • A working window through which many cast entered and exited
  • The first 20mins of the play were done in complete blackout (this included the Fire Exit signs and the un-maintained lights)
  • The whole stage was covered in close to 100 lit real flame candles for 20mins of the 2nd half during a crowded party scene and which were extinguished in 30secs during a very quick scene change
  • 2 actors regularly climbed and descended the back stairs linking the +8000mm suspended platform and the 2nd story of the stage
  • A live thud sound from the "basement" (as if someone had hit their head very hard)

Technical Solutions

1. "Cellar Stairs"

2. +3000mm Platform - 2nd Story of Stage

3. +8000mm Suspended Platform

4. "Attic Stairs"

5. Curved "Main Stairs"

6. Live Water Effects

7. Complete Blackout

8. Thud Mechanism