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Welcome To My RSAMD Employment Page


David Macmorris

I am a professional, enthusiastic, reliable and confident engineer for both lighting and sound who has been working in the industry for 5 years. Throughout this time, I have gained much knowledge and experience which has been vital to my successful career and the contacts I have made throughout the industry. I am now studying so I can gain more knowledge and understanding of running a successful theatre or opera production. Thought my years of study and industry experience I have learned a lot about how the industry works on a day to day basis.

Apex Studio's (My Company)


About Apex Studioss

The Past

Apex Studios was formed on February 26th 2007 by owner David Macmorris who was only 17 years of age. David founded the company of his own back and though the year’s has slowly been upgrading to give the best studio results and experiences possible at low costs. David was studying a HNC/HND in sound production when he first came up with the idea to start a Glasgow based studio that was very affordable for the younger generations. While studying he was recording his own band Execution Chamber who he later left after successfully getting a place on the BA Technical and Production Arts course in the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (Samples of David’s work of Execution Chamber can be found on the website). On September 17th 2007 David registered Apex Studios as an official company which was one of his first big steps into the industry and gave apex its first major step towards a successful business. After Apex become registered David then started slowly buying equipment, his first purchase was a lovely Mbox mini which came with protools LE 7.1. This was used throughout the whole of 2008 and half of 2009 until upgrading was critical (David recorded Solstheim’s self titled demo and Erongor – Under the Mountains album on the Mbox mini) as higher quality audio was needed and more options required. In July 2009 Apex changed its name from Apex Studios to Apex Studioss, this name change was for many reasons but David feels that it’s a small detail that people will remember for all the right reasons.

The Future

As Apex grows and gains the support it needs to succeed as a business, it looks too expanded to a full protools HD/3 suite with a D-Command and an extensive collection of microphones. It also plans to change from a small home studio to a large farmland area with a converted barn for beautiful recording results. With David’s huge interested in post production it’s likely that Apex will try to be knowing for its television work and outstand Foley effects. Plans are long term but depend on the success of Apex from now but one thing for sure is that Apex needs your support to grow.


Me working in Glasgow Dubbing Theatre


• TV – DUST (October 2009) Foley, Sound Design, Dubbing, ADR
• Drama – The Seagull (October 2009) lighting Operator
• TV – Lord of the rings in 60 seconds (July 2009) Dubbing, Foley and ADR
• Opera – The Tales of Hoffman (June 2009) Stage Technical
• Drama – Dying for it (May 2009) Assistant Stage Manger
• CPT – Into the New (March 2009) Stage Technician
• Opera - The Love of Three Oranges (January 2009) Stage Technician
• Music – ABC 1 (January 2009) Sound Operator
• Drama –“FIVE” (December 2008) Stage Technician
• Drama – Singing & Swinging (December 2008) Stage Technician
• Drama – Mother Goose (December 2008) Follow Spot Operator
• Music – Space place – Winter Fest (December 2008) Chief of Sound
• Drama – One flew over the cuckoo’s nest (July 2008) Sound Designer
• Music – The Universal (June 2008) Sound Operator


• BA Technical and Production Arts (On-going)
• HNC / HND Sound Production
• Protools Certified 110 Level
• CITB Joiner Test Certificate
• Pyrotechnics Awareness
• Safety Passport (Expires 31.03.12)


LX Introduction to Lighting (Click Link Below)


PP1a Cafe Research Task (Click Link Below)


David's Links

I have placed a couple of links here that i feel employers or students could find useful.




http://www.flickr.com/photos/31601174@N04/ (All My Academy Pictures)