Cinderella 2019

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Cinderella 2019
Sat 7th Dec - Fri 13th Dec
Performance Course
Third Year BA Acting
New Athenaeum Theatre
Creative Team
Ali De Souza
Ken Harrison
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Production Team
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Stage Supervisor
Head of Flys
Deputy Stage Supervisor
Deputy Stage Supervisor
Assitant Stage Supervisor
Assitant Stage Supervisor
Assitant Stage Supervisor
Production Electrician
Deputy Production Electrician
Deputy Production Electrician
Lighting Technician
Lighting Technician
Lighting Technician
LX Programmer
Production Sound Engineer
Sound No.1
Sound No.3

Stage Management

Stage Department

The Team

Stage Supervisor Sean Ramsay

Deputy Stage Supervisors Noah Dates Erin Johnstone

Head Of Flys Greig Buckley

Stage Technicians Eve Imrie Shannon White Alexandra McKenna

To ensure we were ready for the technical rehearsals a plan was made detailing who was doing what task and when. This was made available to all of the team before fit up started and meant people were able to see how they were progressing. This also allowed the stage supervisor see if we were running behind schedule and if things could be moved around to get back on track. The same idea was used for the load out and another plan was created showing who was doing what task and when. Due to the size of the show the load out process ran over schedule.

Ground Plan

Kinesys Lift

To access one of 4 balconies in this show we used a 4x4 piece of steel and our kinesys automation software to make a lift. This meant that we were maximizing the amount of space in the wings as when the platform was not in use we could fly it up out the way to allow set to pass below. To get the points in the grid where we wanted them we had to make up bridles to span between the beams and also remove grid panels. The bridles were made up using beam clamps, Shackles, Strops and clutch chains. Down on the piece of steel deck we attached handrails to 3 sides and had a gate made for the final so that when it was moving the people on it could not fall out and felt comfortable while they were in it. To reduce the swinging movement in the lift two guides were attached. The first guide was made using a 4000mm and 2000mm section of uni beam which was attached onto a scaff pole and out rigged on edge from the truss. Onto the track was a heavy duty scenery carrier which was bolted through the bolt hole on the steel deck. Down the other side of the deck was a tension line which ran from the grid straight to stage. An eye bolt and pulley were attached onto the steel deck platform using another bolt hole so that the pulley ran smoothly as the lift went up and down.

Truss Bridge

78100269 2980987555460359 3995931774268997632 n.jpg

Fly plot

Flys pre show check list

Set Images

75282169 916504592077019 786781516922355712 n.jpg 75339473 432013021033892 1840390664542486528 n.jpg

75492413 412335189434503 6388672662054371328 n.jpg 79847301 684727472058273 8550357859936763904 n.jpg


Lighting Plan

Lighting Practicals

Cinderella had 4 different lighting practical set pieces that needed to be may. They where:


The brief we was given for this piece was to make it look like it was a working oven but also had to make a effect for when it entered for the first time. To achieve this we used a smoke machine that was mounted under the oven section so that a large smoke jet could be shot out of the grate for the first entrance. We also put a haze machine in the oven which allowed us when the door was closed to build up smoke which make it look like there had been something in the oven once the door was opened. We also mounted 4 birdies (Par 16) 2 in the oven and 2 in the hearth. We also mounted a Parnel in the hood. All of the lights had a split gel in them to try and create a fire effect. Adding to this fire effect we had a water projection light that we were able to change into an orange colour.


The idea for the tree was that it was to look like a normal tree until the fairy godmother arrives and performs her magic when it should light up. To create this effect we decided to use fibre optic. This meant that we would need to get a fibre source which we were able to get off eBay. To help protect the fibre and to make it look like it was fading in and out of the tree. We worked closely with the props team who took the fibre and weaved it into each layer of the fabric they were using to build up the tree. The only problem we found with using fibre was that the tree moved around the stage. this meant that we had to make the tree wireless. to do this we used wireless DMX for the control and for the power we used a 22 amp hour battery but the fibre source is AC power the battery is DC so we needed to use an inverter to convert the power form DC to AC.


The idea here was to just add a bit of light to the jewels in the chest. To do this we used velcro to attach a strip of RGBW LED tape to the top of the inside lid of the chest. This was also wireless which we achieved through the use of wireless DMX and a battery.

Bird cage chandelier

There where 2 of these which were a very interesting looking piece but was one of the more simple ones to make. They each had 12 brass button lamp fitting mounted to the underside of the cage. We went with brass fitting as they matched the colour of the cages. We wired one lamp fitting into the next and so on in the ring. This way for wiring does have a slight problem in that if one wire near the start slips out the fitting the rest of the lamps after that on will also not work. We used 15w lamps as we felt that was all we needed as they did not need to be used to light the stage, they were more for the look. We also worked closely with props again to help with the hiding of the wires.



Here are images of the three different wigs that were used during the show. We ended up having little difficulty with the wigs as they had a tendency to slide about, in some cases covering the capsule of the microphone. However, wardrobe was constantly trying new ways to make sure that the wigs stayed in place and we never had any noticeable muffled voices due to the wigs.

Step sister wig 2.pngStep Sister(Claudine) Step sister wig 3.pngStep sister(Claudette) Step mother wig 4.pngStep mother(Claudia)

Sound Effects

Here is a link to one of the sound effects created and used for this show. It is used at the and of the show when the castle gates are opened for the first time in a long time. The sound effect played along side triumphant music as Cinderella and Callum leave the castle with the Black Douglas.

File:Gate Opening.mp3

Fold Back

This show was trickier that other shows when it comes to fold back due to how tall and flat the set was. As you can tell by the image on the right the set was extremely tall which made getting fold back to the 4 balconies an interesting journey. We tried out a few different positions before we settled on putting the E3s on the LX bars above the balconies. This worked well for the musicians as unusually they were so high up and close to the overhead LX bars.

75492413 412335189434503 6388672662054371328 n.jpg 79847301 684727472058273 8550357859936763904 n.jpg

Input List

Input list.png Input list 2.png

Output List

Output list.png Out.png