Christmas at the Conservatoire 2016

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Production Team

Stage Manager: Hilly

TSM: Fiona Dalgleish

DTSM: Reece Flynn

Crew: Daryl Campbell, Fraser Cherrington, James McQueen

Sound 1: Jamie Ford

Sound 2: Emma Campbell



This year having gone through a rebranding, Swinging Into Christmas became ‘Christmas At The Conservatoire’ this was a fairly challenging show.

There was;

A 21 member cast, all mic-d with DPA 4066 microphones, who also used 4 Handheld radio mics

A 6 piece string section (Violin, Viola, Cello) 3 Sax Players 2 Trumpets 2 Trombones A Full theatre drum kit And extensive percussion section A Concert Grand Piano A Double Bass an Electric Bass and an electric guitar.

There was also 12 monitor mixes from FOH

The Show was mixed from the Auditorium on a DiGiCo SD10 (Stealth Core 2) supplied by Apex Acoustics.

Again the show mixed in the standard musical theatre format of Recalled VCA’s, fired via midi by Qlab allowing the fairly large input count to be controlled on 12 faders. There was 67 cues across the two hour show.

Sound Re-Enforcement System

At the heart of the System was a DiGiCo SD10 (Running stealth core 2) inputs and outputs were via a single SD Rack connected via Opticore. The session was running at 96k