Children of Eden

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Children of Eden
20th May 2023 - 25th May 2023
Performance Course
Third Year MT
New Athenaeum Theatre
Creative Team
Sound Designer/No.1
Lighting Designer
Production Team
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Head of Stage
Head of Flys
LX Programmer
Production Sound Engineer
Sound No. 2
Associate Sound Designer


Technical Stage Department


Stage Management


I think the main challenge on this production for sound was the ensemble's use of the auditorium. Specifically for the number at the top of act 2, Generations. The whole ensemble began in the auditorium making their way to stage whilst singing.

This required lots of thought and programming on Digico. During quiet time I had to put a very specific GEQ on the vocal mics to ensure feedback was eliminated, I took the decision to have two dedicated vocal eq's. One for onstage and one for bridge/auditorium signing. This meant every time that a cast member crossed from the stage to the bridge that a new Digico snapshot was required on the desk which meant that there was at least 150 different snapshots in the show.

W660 2620428 coesocials6.jpg

Children of Eden Band List :

Reed 1 – flute/pic

Reed 2 – Clarinet/tenor saxophone

Reed 3 – Oboe/Cor

French Horn


Keys 1

Keys 2

Keys 3


Percussion - vibraphone,timps,glock,bongos,marimba

Guitar 1

Guitar 2

Electric Bass

From the start there were conversations had about how this shouldn't sound like the original very 90's synth-y sound track, instead it should be a lot more bass-y and powerful. This meant I had to centre the mix around Keys 1, E.Bass, and drum kit.

We used the in house ath PA for Children of Eden but took the decision to add two d&b C7 subs, one in either slip. This was to add more low frequencies in the stalls which is a common complaint in the ath as the sub cluster is too far away and doesn't properly fill the room. We also added four front fills, d&b e0's, two on either side of the bridge.

In terms of monitoring, I had two d&b e3's sitting right behind the the closest front fills to the bridge, this ensured a healthy amount of monitoring downstage, where a lot of the action was taking place. I also decided to put two d&b max12's behind the first flats L&R for mid stage monitoring. Lastly I decided to hang two d&b e3's on ladders upstage, this was for more specific moments like the opening where the ensemble begin upstage for the first two verses. Also for moments like the flood where star was isolated from the ensemble and behind the mound set piece and as this was a particularly loud number I decided to give her more help monitoring wise.

There were also two Genelec's borrowed from NTS to be used as stage left and right programme speakers stage right was used for offstage singing, and was positioned beside the torm. Stage left was used as show relay for the DSM and offstage singing, this was placed on top of the prompt desk.

CoE speaker plan.png
Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 14.26.43.png

Outside of the theatre there was a tree, this was used to enhance the audience experience before the show began, inside the tree there were two minirig's and one minirig sub, this played a 'Wasteland' soundscape and a 'Garden of Eden' soundscape on a loop until the show began.

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