Chandler Project 2022

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Chandler Project 2022
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Project Brief: PTM 1: Week 9

Creative Collaboration

Aim: To work together to create a scene from a play using knowledge and learning from Production 1 classes.

You have 3 days to create the first scene from ‘2:22- A Ghost Story’ in the Chandler studio.

You must use resources available to you within RCS and make a considerable effort to take sustainability into consideration. You might like to refer to The Theatre Green Book:

The ‘scene’ will be presented at 11am on Friday 25th November. You will then complete a load out and short debrief, finishing at 4:30pm.

You may only access the Chandler between 9am-5pm Tuesday to Friday. Think very carefully about the time limitation when planning to borrow and return equipment. You might like to assign roles within the group.

Success Criteria:

Ensure all activity is planned accordingly. This includes booking equipment and resources through RCS processes, adhering to health and safety protocols and ensuring all members of the group are included, involved and heard.

Create an interpretation of the script ready for an audience of staff on Friday 25th November at 11am.