Candid Cabarets 2014

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Technical Staff

Production Manager - Blair Omond

Company Stage Manager - Mark Blythe

Sound No. 1 - Laura Dougan

Sound No. 2 - John McAdie

Lighting Designer/Board Operator - Robbie Butler

PLX - Elspeth Watt

Venue Information (Sloans Bar)

Sloans Bar just off Buchanan Street is the venue that the cabarets were held in. It was a very tricky Venue for the get in as we were in the Grande Ballroom on the second floor. It was not only tricky due to stairs that had to be walked but there was also very little space for storage of flight cases etc. One issue we had was sizing, the sizes that the venue had provided us with were slightly out so if this venue were to be used again measuring the space would be crucial. The Venue itself did have 32 amp power even though the staf were certain they only had 13amp sockets. It was also easy to use haze and candles in the venue as the venue only had a sprinkler system and no smoke detection in any of the rooms.

Stage Management

There were very few props in the Cabarets. The stage management resposibiltys were mainly time keeping and making sure people got on/off stage on time. Other jobs included lighting candles and tidying of the performance/Bar Areas. The venue was set up with around 12 round tables with chairs facing the stage, with a bar at the back of the room. The Venue (Sloans) had very little storage space so it was very tricky for the cast to bring many personal belongings with them. During the run there were several problems with audience ordering food, We had to stop this happening as often Venue staff would hand plates out during the performances or hand plates to Crew members expecting them to hand it out. There were also many issues with the Venue rearranging the tables and chairs without asking. It was very difficult to keep all venue staff in the loop as different bar/venue staff were on each night.


Final LX Plan for Candid Cabaret 2014 @ Sloans Bar & Restaurant, Glasgow - LD - Robert Butler, PLX - Elspeth Watt

Venue Specifications for LX

File:Venue Specifications – Sloans Bar.docx