CPP 1 & 4 2020

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CPP 1&4 Performances based on Re-Imagining Classical Text - Twelfth Night. This is during the lockdown for COVID19.

Technical Team

Stage Managers: Carolina Madriz, Julia Daniczek and Zsanka Bollok

Sound: Corey Jackson and Meirian Hall-Jones

LX: Nicholas Ruebenacker

Group A

Directed by Dan Brown

Group B

Directed by Gen Jagger

For this show we had to find a customisable chatroom that, as the work progressed, would have to be embedded into a website. Several options were looked at, including stinto and chatzy. Both of these were ok, but minnit.chat worked best for all the director's requirements.

Minnit.chat was fully customisable. There was a long list of settings and one could censor words, ban and kick users, have moderators, and did not require an email to make an account. Three minnit.chat chatrooms were added to the director's website, twelfthnet.com.

To run the performance, the audience members would go through the website and have access to each of these chatrooms. Performers played as characters that interacted with the audience with guidance from the Director. Each chatroom had an assigned Stage Manager that was a moderator, and would ban or kick any users if they were distracting or being offensive, as seen in the Chatroom RA. This was also with guidance from the Director.

One chatroom had a script that the moderator had to perform, and would copy paste comments from a script that was given by the Director. None of the moderators could interact with any of the audience members in the chatrooms.

Minnit Chat

Group C

Directed by Julia Fisher

Group D

Directed by Minnie Crook