CPP 1 & 4 2014

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Creative Team

Directors: Emily Magorrian(Fork Off) & Francesca Lacey (Dog Eat Dog)

Lighting Designer: Elspeth Watt

Technical Team

Production Manager/Technical Manager - Rebecca Coul

Stage Manager - Mark Blythe

Stage Manager 2 - Sarah MacDonald

Assistant Stage Managers - Ross Pringle, Daniel Thompson and Laura Mason

Sound No. 1 - Laura Dougan

LX Crew - Judy Stewart and Alex Kilgour

Stage Management

Stage Management Challanges

For the show 'Fork off' there were several health and safety challanges due to the dangerous nature of the peice. Water was thrown, cutlery chucked to the floor, cast members would stand on the table whist butter was smeared into it, all in very close proximity of the audience. The only challange was the clean up after the piece, where we found that if butter was used by the cast rather than low fat spread it was easier to clean up due to the fact butter does not have a vegtable oil base. Again due to the nature of the peice the ASMs main roles were watching (alongside the SM) to ensure the show did not get out of hand. Measures were in place should it get too out of hand.


The CPP directors did most of their own propping as they were in charge of the budget. The only main props that were used were the banquette table and 6 x bentwoods from SLS.

LX (CPP2/3)

CPP3 Lighting Design / PLX - Shannon Howard

File:CPP3 Stage Group 1 LX Plan.pdf File:CPP3 Stage Group 2 LX plan.pdf File:CPP3 Stage Group 3 LX plans.pdf File:CPP3 Stage Group 4 LX Plans.pdf

CPP 2 Lighting Design / PLX - Shannon Howard

File:CPP2 Stage LX Plans.pdf