CPP4 - Into The New 08

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Into The New 08.jpg

Devised & Performed by

Meryl Gilbert

George Lamont

Sarah Little

Vivienne McTaggart

Shona Miller

Silje Silden

Okan Yashi


Stage Manager: Kerry Stirling

Stage Manager: Graeme Reid

Assistant Stage Manager: Kieron Johnson

Production Electrician: Allan Kimmett

LX Operator: "The Voice Pickler": Sean Hind

Sound Operator: "The Voice Pickler": Sean Hind

"The Voice Pickler" PLX Allocation

It was good to work in a space outside of RCS. It's like working on a job except that there are lecturers around. The Voice Pickler space was interesting; working with CPP is good because there are opportunitites to improvise and think outide the box more than on regular shows.

We used the equipment at the Arches and I only had to hire one external soundcard from RCS as the sound was in surround and required four outputs.

The Chief LX role was more that of a Venue Technician rather than an actual “manager”. I didn’t have any crew but the experience was totally different from working in the academy. It was like being on a professional job and was similar to maybe the Fringe or other small festivals.

Shows like Into The New are good to work on as you have to think on your feet and you learn a lot about working closely with the performers/artists.


- 115XT speakers x 4
- Allen & Heath Mixwizard x 1
- D&B D12 amps x 4
- M-Audio Profire 2626 external soundcard x 2


- Betapack x 3
- Zero88 Leapfrog Lighting Control x 1
- Par 64 x 4
- 1k Selecon PC x 6
- 650w Selecon Fresnel x 6
- 19 Degree Source Four x 3
- 60w Practical x 8