CPP-Red Line

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CPP-Red Line
Written by CPP 2
Director Caroline Bowditch
Lighting Designer Michael Parkin
Sound Designer Graeme Brown
Venue Chandler
Performance Dates 23rd - 24th May 2013

Production Credits

Production Manager Stephen Roe

Stage Management

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager Maciej Kopka


Chief Production Electrician Elleanor Taylor

Deputy Production Electrician Patrick Watson

Stage Electrician Ian Smyth

Lighting Operator and Programmer Elspeth Watt

Lighting Plan

Equipment List


S4 Jr Zoom 11

Acclaim Fresnel 18

Acclaim PC 6

Par Can 8

Pendant Lamps (With bulbs) 4

TW1 Mac 4


Speaker Amount

Tannoy V12 4

Tannoy T40r 2


Strand 530i (c/w 2x Monitors) 1

Yamaha LS9 Digital Console 1

Other Equipment

Le Maitre MVS Hazer 1

1 x Bottle Haze Fluid 1

DI Boxes 2

Condenser Microphones 3

Dynamic Microphones 1

Peavey Stage Box 1

Microphone Stand 1


Jack to Jack Mono 2

3m TRS 19

5m TRS 28

16amp-15amp jump 4

2m 5 Pin DMX 5

5m 5 Pin DMX 3

10m 5 Pin DMX 2

1m Speakon 2

3m Speakon 2

9m Speakon 2

File:Lighting Plan.pdf


Operator Ian Smyth

File:Quick Look Band Set Up.docx

Sub placement: 2 x Tannoy T40r have been rigged in the middle of cat walk two. The idea behind the placement of the subs is to aid any base that comes from the band and music. There are only two subs, as there is no demand or need for extra bass to come through the front of house mix.

FoH speaker placement: 4 x Tannoy V12 have been rigged as the FoH Mid-Top speakers. Two have been rigged for FoH left and the other two for FoH right. Each pair has been daisy chained. These speakers are to act as the core sound for the show. Due to the size of the venue only 4 FoH speakers are needed. Having FoH left and right, also means there is flexibility for any sound effects, music or band mix needing to come through different sides of the stage. They have also been placed in the middle of catwalk two, due to the set up of the tables and having the room separted sometimes during the performance. The speakers have also been daisy chained diagonally for left and right, as this gives the room more ‘balance’.

Stage Tech

For this show we were required to build a false grid into the venue under the catwalks to allow curtains to be dropped into place during the show.

Hardware used:

Curtains/Drifts (temp) Main Tab (Downstage Bar of Catwalk 3)

  • Tab 1200 MM (Chandler Black)
  • Tarfor tension drift system
  • 2 Beam clamps
  • 2 shackles

Divider (Stage Right side – Underneath Catwalk 3)

  • Tab (The longer white cyc 7500MM)
  • Scaff 6.5M
  • 4 strops (1M)
  • 5 0.25T shackles
  • 5 barrel clamps

Divider (Stage Left Side – Between Catwalk 2 & 1 rolling bar)

  • Tab (The shorter white cyc 40500MM)
  • Scaff 4.5M
  • 2 strops (1M)
  • 3 0.25T shackles
  • 3 barrel clamps

U/S – D/S Divider (All catwalks)

  • Tab (12m Tab)
  • Scaff 9.5M
  • 6 strops (1M)
  • 6 0.25T Shackles
  • 6 barrel clamps

Tabs On Permanent Track

  • Tab 12M U/S Wall (Ran on permeant triple e track)
  • Tab (2 half tabs kimbled together) SR Wing

Other Hardware

  • 6 pieces of 1M scaff clamped to scaff bars/lx bars to act as stability
  • 16 90 degree fixed scaff clamps