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Below is a detailed guide on how to create and program 2D Bridles on the Stage Tech Illusionist Desk using e-Chameleon software.


Before the bridle is created, you must first ensure that there is a divert on both of the automation winches. This will ensure the lines are capable of forming a bridle.

  • Run both lines in, until they can reach together in the middle.
  • Connect both wedge sockets together using a master link.
  • Weight/object can then be hung from the master link using a shackle.

Below is a diagram of how bridles are set up.



The programming of some cues can be quite lengthy and errors can cause a lot more work. It is important to take your time when programming and make sure you know what you are doing before you start, keep up to date during the programming, then know what will happen when you run the cues.

Before programming, you must first define the x, y and z values of both axies. This enables the software to know where the axies sit within the theatre space.

This is done from within the expand of the 'Properties' tab on the right hand side of the screen.

Each axis must be individually selected to define


NOTE: 0,00 is CS of the setting line.

  • Connect the winches together using a sculptor group.
AXIS, X, +, Y, GROUP, 1, RECORD. Then select the type of group from the on screen options. In this case, SCULPTOR GROUP
  • Sculptor paths can now be recorded within the sculptor group query menu. (Bottom icon on the right-hand side).
  • Select the group: GROUP, 1, ENTER
  • Ensure that both Record and Play and selected on both the Global Set and the Group.
  • Using a joystick, you can then trace the path that you want the bridle to take.
  • Deselect the Play button, before pressing Save. This brings up a command line that allows you to type a name for your path, followed by Enter.

To edit in Visual Creator, export from eChamelion as profile, edit, resave, import back into eChamelion.

  • Save as a Sculptor Action: Double tap the ((......)) button, 1, ENTER

These Sculptor Actions can then be built into the cue stack.

Hints and Tips