Blue Stockings

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Technical stage Department


From the perspective of The Tsd, blue stockings was a fairly simple production. The steel deck was used to create a tempory seating bank in order to mirror the acting space at the Arcola where this show will tour. a 3 x 12 border was then rigged on a drop bar in order to mask the permanently installed seating bank. masking was also rigged on stage left and stage right in order to hide the wings and this was done with the tab track, and with another drop bar and border assembly respectively. A floor cloth occupied the majority of the floor space, and this was attached to the floor using NEC approved floor tape and then the edges were taped down with black gaff tape.

The main thing we did was to fabricate and rig 4 rotating picture frames. these were made out of steel box tubing, that was welded together and then attached to a vertical pole using a threaded length of metal with two large square washers held on with a bolt to act as bearings to allow the frame to rotate. we found that there was too much friction between the metal, so the frames spinning would spin the washer and bolt, causing the frames to get much looser over the course of the show, but never to a dangerous extent. the original plan for attaching this assembly was to use strops shackled on to eyebolt on top of the vertical section of tubing, but this allowed far too much movement in the upright sections, and so we added a metal sleeve to the top and attached it to the catwalks with half doughty couplers.