Betrothal in a Monastery

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Betrothal in a Monastery
Betrothal in a Monastery
Conductor Tim Dean
Director Rodula Gaitanou
Written by Prokofiev
Set Designer Jamie Varton
Lighting Designer Simon Corder
Venue Theatre Royal Glasgow
Tech 6th - 19th Jan '12
Performance Dates 20th - 21st Jan '12
Venue Edinburgh Festival Theatre
Tech 23rd - 26th Jan '12
Performance Dates 26th & 28th Jan '12

Betrothal in a Monastery marks the seventh year of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s collaboration with Scottish Opera and the third Prokofiev Opera of that collaboration. It was toured from the Theatre Royal Glasgow to the Edinburgh Festival Theatre in January 2012.


Creative Team

Conductor: Timothy Dean

Director: Rodula Gaitanou

Set Designer: Jamie Varton (Assistant: Suzie Inglis)

Lighting Designer: Simon Corder

Technical Production Team (RCS)

Production Manager: Andrew Storer

Stage Manager: Siobhan MacIntyre

Deputy Stage Manager: Dougal Gudim

Assistant Stage Managers: Fiona Findlater, Marian Sharkey

Technical Stage Manager: Simon Legg

Assistant TSM: John Beggan, Rebecca Coull, Melissa MacDonald

Production Electrician: Jonathan Towers

Deputy Production Electrician: Blair Omond

Board Operator: James Gow

Assistant Production Electrician: Neil Foulis, Alice McKay


Don Jerome: Ronan Busfield/Jakob Holtze

Don Fernando: Mikhail Pavlov

Louisa: Kim-Lillian Strebel

The Duenna: Lynda-Jane Nelson

Don Antonio: Emanoel Velozo

Clara: Anush Hovhannisyan

Mendoza: Andrew Tipple/Ross McInroy

Don Carlos: Andrew McTaggart

Father Augustine: Jon Stainsby

Chorus of 45


The set for this performance appeared fairly simple, it consisted of two side walls, an upstage wall with a door and a hatch in it and a platform and set of treads behind to allow the performer to open and look through the hatch.

There were also 2 walls - an upstage and a downstage - that were flown and two t-sections which were each flown on two different counterweight bars. Onstage there was a “fish van” which was wheeled on and off