Ballet Showcase 2022

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Ballet Showcase 2022
9th - 11th June 2022
New Athenaeum Theatre
Production Team
Production Manager
Lynfryn Mckenzie
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Stage Supervisor
Stage Technicians
Lighting Designer
Lighting Programmer & Operator
Production Electrician
Sound Operator

Performance Order

Act 1

1. La Sylphide

2. Vigier

3. Keep your coins we want change

4. Loosemore

5. Maufris


6. Murmur

7. Signature

8. Jazz

9. Shoesmith

Technical Stage Department

The stage

The ballet department had requested a black box venue like in previous years. To keep the look clean but versatile I decided to use eight

hard maskers, four in each wing, the most up stage on each wing backing onto a BP screen on bar 24 (used as a cyc) and the remaining six

being paired with soft masking dog legs to provide wing masking while the hard maskers provided a clean onstage look.

The ath dance floor was laid as usual and the metal kick rail was installed on the pit edge. Although there was no band the ballet

department requested that the pit lift was down to reduce unused stage space as they would not choreograph any dancing on it. Lx used

this as an opportunity to place uplighting on the pit lift, this was done by building staff pipe structures and screwing them to the

pit lift using kee clamp bases. The Ath front of house tabs were used along with two black gauzes and one full tab.

I decided to use the Ecam system to automate truss spans for the LX ladders and drop bars since we had the time due to the well spaced out schedule. It was a great learning opportunity for the first years as we all had the time to learn the system. we flew the ladders out to a 8.5m trim height and rigged the masking on hemp below them.

TSD Paperwork

Kit List

File:Ballet show case kit list.pdf

Running Lists

File:Stage Supervisor Running List.pdf

File:Stage Technician Running List .pdf

Pre-Show Checks

File:Blank Pre Show checklist.pdf


File:Ballet Stage master pdf.pdf

File:Ballet ECam.pdf


File:Fly's overview.pdf

File:Fly Cue Sheet V1.pdf

File:Ballet 2022 Flyplot V3.pdf