Ballet Showcase 2020 (Virtual Group B)

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Technical Stage Department


The aperture is designed to mimic its name sake in a camera, creating both, an almost impossibly small frame with the BP screen behind it and a large light full image. The aperture is 16m long truss line with 4 chain hoist pick up points. Hanging via track beneath the truss is a pair of hard maskers with specifically built extensions that allow for the truss to sit at the correct height for the half tab curtains while keeping the flats on the ground. This curtain and hard masker construction can be controlled via rope in the SL wing. The vertical movement will be controlled by the HoF as they control a full black cloth on the bar in front. The smooth operation of this item will require practice between the SL operator and the HoF.


Hard Masking. This file focuses on the hard masking and the rigging point locations for it.

Soft masking. Again this file highlights specifically the soft masking rigging locations for ease of transfer to the grid

The Apeture and FoH. These are the truss structures for the production, both suspended via 1/2T loadguard motors.

Main ground plan. The plan shows the location of the set both on stage and off, in its wing storage position. The cloths and masking, alongside the aperture and FoH rigging.

Risk Assessment

Kit List

Fit up plan

The fit up plan took into consideration the 3 crew members and the Head of Flys as well as the LX dept. as we would be working with them in close quarters it would be most professional at this time to occupy ourselves with tasks that are thoroughly separate.

Fly Plot

Points List

This is coulour coded to match up with the drawings further up this page.