Ballet Showcase 2015

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Show Dates

5th June - 6th of June 2015

Production Team

  • Production Manager - Malcolm Stephen
  • Chief Production Electrician - Richard Lyons

Technical Stage Management

The stage for ballet consisted of 4 main elements - The Dance Floor, Masking, a White Gauze and the BP Screen. We tried to use full width (16m) bars as much as possible for the show, in an attempt to minimise gaps in the masking.

The House Tabs were used at the Top, Interval, and End of each performance. A full black was brought in in between each dance for a cast change behind it.

Ground Plans


Grid Points

Fly Plot

Lighting Design

The lighting for the Ballet Showcase 2015 was typical of many dance shows with 5m booms behind each hard masker with lights at shin height, mid body height (about 1.5m up) and head height, to cover the entire body. The FOH rig was minimal as very little front light is required for dance, with a simple warm and cold wash being more than sufficient. Colorado Quad Pars were hired for the tops of the booms to provide a more extensive colour wash and supplement the Rush Pars which were rigged overhead and used as a full stage, colour changing wash.

OH Plan

FOH Plan

Boom Plan

Focus Notes & Channel/Dimmer List