Bad Roads

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Bad Roads
Performance Dates
3rd - 6th May 2021
Performance Course
BA Acting
Creative Team
Becky Hope-Palmer
Fight Director
Raymond Short
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Production Team
Production Managers
Colin Bell
Naomi Hoolahan
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager


Stage Management


For Bad Roads we didn't have any props department support so all the props including makes became a stage management job. Most props were found within the props store however we did have a few makes and modifications that needed to be done.

Chicken - the chicken was a toy chicken bought from when it arrived it was a very realistic looking chicken however looked too alive for what we required it to be so it was modified to look more like it had been ran over by removing some of the inside stuffing. The chicken did not end up looking exactly how we wanted it to look due to the fact that it had a wire structure on the inside to keep its shape so we could only do so much but in the end it worked.

Flowers in the wheel barrow - for this we wanted a wheelbarrow to be full of flowers, we achieved this by finding a wheelbarrow in the props store and securing 6 x floral foam bricks to the bottom with tape. we then added an assortment of flowers found in the props store to the wheelbarrow in an arrangement. we topped the floral foam with builders sand to represent soil and topped it off with a pair of gardening gloves and a trowel. we included a cut out in the floral foam to accomodate a potted plant as it gave another thing for the performer to interact with during the scene.

Passports - We needed to make 3 x ukrainian passports for this show. We consulted Martin from the props department on how best to go about making them. following Martin's instructions we edited a photo of a ukrainian passport cover on photoshop and printed it out. we then repeated that process for an identity card page and created a similar background for the other pages within the passport. these were then printed out onto normal printer paper. we then cut with a guillotine a rough passport size piece of white card and several pieces of sketch pad watercolour paper. We then glued the Cover to the white card and the Identity card page and remaining pages to the sketch pad paper. these were then stapled together to create a book. We then used a metallic gold pen to go over what would normally have been embossed in gold on the cover of each passport. Whilst they looked good and we were happy with the outcome they were definitely not going to be confused for real passports.

Scene Breakdown

Technical Stage Management