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[http://paperclip.rcs.ac.uk/index.php/The_Wonderful_World_of_Dissocia '''Wonderful World of Dissocia'''] - Assistant Stage Manager
[http://paperclip.rcs.ac.uk/index.php/The_Wonderful_World_of_Dissocia '''Wonderful World of Dissocia'''] - Assistant Stage Manager
'''London Road''' - Deputy Technical Stage Manager
[http://paperclip.rcs.ac.uk/index.php/London_Road '''London Road'''] - Deputy Technical Stage Manager
'''Julius Caesar''' - Sound Designer  
'''Julius Caesar''' - Sound Designer  

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Allan Hamilton
IMG 1023.JPG
Graduating Year 2019
Course Production Technology & Management
Specialism Sound Design and Operation
Higher Education Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2016 - 2019

Allan Hamilton - 2nd Year Production Technology & Management

IMG 1072.jpg


Allan is a 2nd year PTM Student, moving from Dundee to Glasgow. Allan is interested in all technical areas but mainly focusses in Sound and is looking to specialise with this in 2nd Year.

1st Year Productions

Snow Queen - TSM Crew / Flyman

Innerspace 2017 - Head of Sound/Sound 1

Glued (Bridgeweek) - Head of Sound/Sound 1

Normal Activity (Bridgeweek) - Head of Sound/Sound 1

A3 Acting Showcase - Sound 1

Chess - Sound 2

Opera 2 (Die Fledermaus) - LX Crew

The Table - Sound 1

Pleasure & Pain - Sound 1

2nd Year Productions

Wonderful World of Dissocia - Assistant Stage Manager

London Road - Deputy Technical Stage Manager

Julius Caesar - Sound Designer

A3 Citz - Sound 1

External Work

Venue Technician Grand Hall New Town Theatre - Fringe 2017


Midas Pro Series Advanced Training - May 2017

Shure Axient Digital Training - May 2017

Meyer Portable System Deployment - November 2017